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I won a quarterly Star Award

The begining

From the first day I walked inside the KZN DH (my employer) offices, I knew I wanted to do great things.

My journey at DH was the start of a new Era for me. Leaving behind a toxic marriage, getting over the death of my son, and two grans; I knew I needed to dust myself off and steer this ship into positive, calmer waters. DH was the begining of that journey.

I’ve worked my behind off, trying to better myself both personally and in my career. And when I heard what a star award was and everything you needed to exude and possess to be nominated or even to win one, I knew I wanted to hold the title of this award. Not for the title itself, but to prove to myself that I am worthy and I possess all the right qualities to keep myself ahead and afloat.

Random info bits

Everyone who knows me, knows that 2013/14 were the toughest years of my life.

What people don’t know is that 2018/19 were even tougher.

Battling health issues, an array personal soul-eating and positive sucking battles, being a student whilst juggling work and personal projects, I found myself working triple time just to stay afloat. This is how I’ve been feeling.

Fighting battles that challenged my spirit, my faith, my character, my identity and almost surrending.

It’s been rough and tough. I’ve never been challenged this much. But I know that you only grow when you’re out of your comfort zone.

The call

Friday, 07 June 2019, I went to get some rest to prep myself for a night of studying. I get a phone call telling me that I’ve won a quarterly Star award. I was in shock. Literally. All I remember was thanking the management team and then crying when I put the phone down.

There were other times I’d deem myself “on top of my game” or “worthy” but of late I’ve been feeling burnt out. Drowning almost. Never in a 1000 Years did I expect that I’d be chosen to win at this point. I mean I knew I’ve been working and working hard. But that’s never been an option; not working hard. I guess with all the negative stuff thats been around me, it felt too good to be true. Like this was my break almost.

What the award means to me

This award is confirmation to myself that I still have so much more fight, so much more passion, so much more to give. It’s God’s way of telling me I am enough and that the devil cannot and will not steal my joy. It’s the universes way of telling me to keep my head up and keep going because I am one of its brightest stars and my shine has not been dulled. It’s my employers way of telling me that my efforts are not unnoticed.

Know this

I’ve never ran from adversity. It’s not in my DNA to. Even when I don’t know it, my body’s natural instinct is to gear up and fight my best fight. I may have been down temporary, but this girl is coming back with a vegence.

Thank you

Thank you to all my team leaders. From my extended hour team to where I’m currently at as a client relationship manager. I could never have gotten this far with out you guys. To my dearest work friends that have now become my family, thank you for always encouraging me and pushing me. To the management team thank you for leading by example and paving the way for us. Thank you for believing in me. For the person who nominated me, thank you for deeming me worthy of your time and of this award. I am forever grateful. To my family and my husband, thank you for never letting me stay down, for never allowing me to throw my own pity party, for always encouraging me. And then last but but least, shukr Allah, for listening to me and putting me through trials and tribulations to teach me the lessons I needed to be taught. Thank you for never giving up on me. I am forever grateful.

Love and light always, from just an ordinary quarterly star award winner ❤️

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John Paka : His-story

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a review of any kind.  Ok I lie, it’s been ages! 

There’s no kidding that there is tons of talent outchea, Locally that is, and this year I plan to feature as many as I possible can! 

I had the pleasure of befriending an extremely talented and humble soul. 

Now you guys know when I’m inspired, I write lol and so I just need to put it out there, that this dude is  🔥. You might not know him yet but please, remember his name 😎you will thank me one day! 

He is Itumeleng John Paka, a 26 year old okie from Bloem. He is a musician and an actor. He shares a birthday with the legendary Madiba and so being a legend is already in the stars for him. 

Here’s some his-story for ya:

John has been on the music scene since 2008 ( yeah yeah I know, you’d swear I’m like Patrick living under a rock) he has worked with and has shared the stage with the likes of some amazingly talented local and international muso’s: 

  • Benjamin Dube
  • Joyous celebrations
  • Simphiwe Dana. 

He has shared a stage with the lovely:

  • Tamia
  • Maxwell and
  • Anthony Hamilton

I know right? Dude has been around.

John broke into the acting scene back in 2014 after he completed his drama course. 

He has starred in some popular theatre productions:

  • Daily skinner 
  • Off sight 
  • Sophiretown 
  • Rain song 

And this is just to name a few.

Actor through and through if you ask me. 

The 411 on where he’s at now! 

Musically, John is currently working on an EP which will God-willingly, drop in November this year. For those of you who don’t know what an EP is ( confessions, I didn’t know what it was until recently ) it is the same as an album but with fewer songs on. #thankmelater.

As an actor,John is currently directing a play called ” till death do us part” I know hey, brother is doing things for himself and we love it! No better feeling than seeing young folk so dedicated to turning their dreams into reality. 

But that’s not all, Mr Paka has also recently registered his own company: House of Paka 

His company is a production house  which will specialize in the below: 

  • Artist management 
  • Event management 
  • Photography 

He is currently the only artist signed to his company however, I have no doubt that that will change and soon. 

House of Paka will also produce the “Fees must fall” production which will stage later this year. I can barely manage my blog and here he is killing it. 

Now I just couldn’t help but ask John about his future endeavors. I mean you can understand why I was so intrigued right! Good! 

Well here it goes. 

This legend in the making has ambitions , he would like to work with the following artists in he near future 

  • Tshepo Tshola
  • HHP
  • Pitch black Afro 
  • Zola 7
  • The muffins 

He also would like to perform his single as the opening act of Casper’s #FillUpFNB 

And last but definitely not least, would love to work with or bring over the following international muso’s

  • Mos def now known as Yasiin Bey and,
  • Junior Gong (Damian Marley) 

Jaws dropping yet? I know! Because mine were too and trust me, my intuition believes that all this and more will be conquered by John. He is a very good Sotho teacher as well 😊BTW.

” born poor is not an issue, but dying poor is” 

The wise words from the legend in the making himself.

You can check Mr Paka out by visiting his Facebook page, I know you won’t regret it, go on now and click Here.

Love and well wishes to John and to all of you reading! 

From just an ordinary girl to the world. Love and light to you all. 

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The begining…

I know I havent posted much of late. Theres been so much going on.

Trying to get my life in order literally! With some new projects I’ve taken on, being alil more organised is imperative.

And so I’ve decided to join my dearest @Jannesqua in making our own planners. Yeap. With everything colourful and inspiring to us; quotes,pics and colours. I’ll def post a DIY of it.


This is to just help me plan and track ideas. Currrently I dont plan my posts, they’re inspired “on-the-spot”. I also draft my ideas on paper, old-fashioned lol. However trying to remember ideas for 4 different projects is almost impossible (2 facebook pages, work newsletter AND my bloggy).

Getting an organiser can help you manage your time and can def help you be more prepared be it for work, home, socials etc. If you’re more techno savvy than I am, create one on your desktop/laptop/tablet or phone.

Why not have an organiser that will inspire and encourage you to use it? Cant wait to show you the outcome of our DIY organisers

If you have ideas on how to be more organised,share it with us by comment below. 2016 is going to be our year!

Hope you all are well and blessed. Keep smiling. Lets get ready to leave our Mark! This is just the begining.


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How to “TurnUp” for an interview.


So I had my final interview for a Client-Relationship Manager’s post on Thursday at 15:00… goodness! I don’t know when was the last time I was so nervous and having to wait almost the entire day didn’t exactly help.

Being short-listed for the assessment was a big – enough deal… I was up against such awesome,  experienced folk…in the company for years clearly bringing more experience than I did since Its not even 2 years that I am with the company … so when I got the meeting request for an interview….you can only imagine the over drive my mind went into!!!

Whilst prepping for the interview…I was like: what do you prep for??? And this is what it boiled down too and seemed to work for me!

• Research and understand the position you’re applying for – the challenges the department face, what the position entails etc.

• Know your strengths and tie it up to the core function of the position you’re applying for or the company’s values.

• Be honest and be yourself- we are human and so being perfect is impossible…besides if the position is for you…being yourself should be enough right ? Right!

• Smile and make and keep your eye contact… they are interviewers …not drill seargents and if successful…you will be working under them so they can’t be THAT bad *hopefully*

• Don’t oversell yourself…speak and answer what’s relevant to the question they are asking…meaning, you need to listen and hear what they are asking.

• Dress apropiately and “Turn up” on time for your interview…1st impressions sadly do last!

• Most importantly… PRAY! It will definately help you calm down and keep yourself composed… for when God is near…we should never fear!

The only pre-interview prep I did was :
> knowing where I am currently in my roll.
> working out my strengths and weaknesses.
> Spoke to people in the current position to get a “hands-on” approach to what they do exactly!  And
> Prayed. I didn’t try busting my head thinking about ” what will they ask”…

Sometimes doing nothing is actually doing everything in certain situations! 

I hope this helps guys…

By the way, my interview rocked! I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

WONDERFUL BE-YOU-TIFULL weekend to you all.

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