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Natural hair growth serum

I’ve been on a quest to go natural. From natural face masks to to hair masks, I Google, try, add my own stuff and then see how it works.

Some have worked and well the others… We’ll just leave it there 😁

My hubby, like most, is into growing his beard and more worrying to him, is his hair loss. I didn’t understand his ‘struggle’ until I realised that the hair near my hair line is thinning. It could be because my hair is 90% of the time is tied up, and tightly at that or that my hair has a developed a natural middle path.

Amidst changing paths and ensuring my pony tails or buns aren’t tied very tightly, I’ve googled some oils that promote hair growth and decided to try out a natural oil serum.

I have however, seen more oils that’s needed and so when I get around to getting them, I will add to the serum.

The oils I mixed are:

  • 30mls Jojoba oil
  • 30mls Olive oil
  • 30mls Almond oil
  • 30mls Coconut oil
  • 10 drops tea tree oil (per 100mls of a carrier oil)
  • 10 drops of spearmint oil

I only afterward saw that Rosemary, Thyme, lavender, Caedarwood and apricot kernal oils are also effective for hair growth. When I do get them, I will add 10 drops each into my mixture.

To compensate for rosemary and thyme, I’ve added the herbs to the oil mixture for now. I’ve also added mint leave to the oil since taking this picture.

The products were sauced from Dischem and Gorimas however, you can get them at any herbal shop or pharmacy. They ranged in prices between R8.99 and R79.99 each and is dependant on the size and brand you purchase. You can also get this pump bottle from Dischem retailing at R17. 99.

The smell is devine and this can be used on your skin as well. All these essential oils have been deemed effective in stimulating healthy and strong hair growth. Now we wait and see (= let me know what natural serums you’ve tried and and comment with any tips you may have for me.

Love, light and natural delights from just an ordinary girl

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You are not JUST a woman…

What does women’s day mean to you? 
Is it just another public holiday… Or not? Is it just another day to get wasted or to sleep? Or is it a day that should make us at the very least sit and ponder about how grateful we should be for the women in our lives. 

It is said, and I concur, that a women has the ability to birth and lead nations. She is compassion. She is love. She is fierce. She is gentle. She is kind. She is the perfect balance. She is a teacher. A nurse. A social worker. A helper. She is a kid, A gran, mum, daughter, she is a friend, a coach. She is a super human. She is gracious. She is a believer, a multiplier. She is strength personified. She is a rock.

A women is not her figure, the curl in her hair or the color of her skin. She is not the gap between her thighs, her eye brows or the dimples on her face. She is not the clothes she wears or the cars she drives. She is not her profile picture or the pose she strikes. She is not a punching bag, a slave or inferior to anybody. 

Women, know your worth… Because if you don’t nobody else will and it can become very easy for anybody to take advantage of you. 

Live in love. Live in kind. Live in God. Walk with purpose and be not chained by the conformities of society.   

You are unique. you are beautiful. You are worth it and you are equal.

A very happy women’s day to each and every woman out there. 

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Lets Go green…not with envy but with our hair!

So I know iv been out of touch for a while. It’s been cray cray but I’m still standing.

For those of you who know me, you will know my hair colour is ALWAYS blue black. Last time I dyed it was about 2 months ago….with me taking up a new position tomorrow …I figured I should spice things up a bit.  I’ve always ever wanted to go a very dark blue but then I came across green and fell in love.


*this is not me BTW…but can you see why I fell in love#Sigh

Most of the time when you Google colours and where you can get them from…posts always show up overseas and it always seems so hard to get what you really want from a place close by!!! ..But… do not lose hope because I’ve found a local online shop right here in Durbz…click here to find out more, I placed the order Sunday eve and by Thursday it was already at my nearest post office.

Now for my type of hair I need to bleach in stages. . .simply because my hair is very curly,thick and damages easily and also because I have dyed it black for so long. I got a desired effect but I want it greener and so after 6-8 weeks I will bleach my hair again .

I opted for an ombre look,soley to test the colour out.

Some of the things you will need for obvious reasons! 

¤ An old Tshirt
¤ A mixing bowl
¤ A pair of plastic gloves
¤ An applicator (Brush should come with the bleaching kit)

Now that we have our basic equipment… let’s get started!

To bleach I used the Kair high-lighting kit. You can get it from any Clicks or Dischem and it goes for about R60-R70.


☆ Path your hair down the middle.
☆ Make two loose plaits.
☆ Add the mixture( as per the directions on the box) to the plait.
☆ You can decide how much you want to go in terms of the ombre.

Ps: Remember you CANNOT bleach wet hair,  it’s always best to bleach hair that hasn’t been washed for at least 48hours.

After doing mine, the colour lifted a bit to a brownish colour (because of the black) and I couldn’t leave it on for too long because of my hair type.  But if your hair can handle the bleach..keep it on for as long as you possibly can.

It’s very important to treat your hair…and so after I bleached it, I used a treatment…any treatment for damaged or coloured hair should do.

I used:
Sunsilk’s pro-keratin intense hair treatment. You can get this at any supermarket as well, mine was from clicks and goes for about R50-R60


Once I did this. I then washed my hair completely with shampoo, I conditioned it and put the treatment again. it’s important to shampoo at this stage because once you put your crazy colour in, it’s best not to shampoo else this can strip the colour… towel dry your and we’re now ready to put the crazy colour in… or on…tomayto tomarto

I used Skullour’s dark green. I Ordered it from Modern Monroe @R80 bux a bottle.


♢ Mix powder with conditioner (measure according to how much hair you’re dying)
♢ Work into your hair remembering this stains the scalp so be careful.
♢ Leave for minimum 40-60 minutes.
♢ Rince with cold to like warm water and style as desired!!!

This is my hair after the process( from pitch black to this )#SuperImpressed


I will be bleaching my hair again after about 2-3 months and will be repeating the steps above…this time to achieve a more vibrant,louder colour…it is going to be summer after all!!!

Hope you guys have been gurrrrd #HappySkullouring errbody💋

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The Matrimony: MINNIE edition


So it’s back to reality! And with a heavy heart I left jhb Sunday!! What.A.Weekend.

It took me a week to draft this post,delayed indeed , but it was because I needed to make this post as perfect as I possibly could!.

From the time I landed and got picked up to from the airport till I got dropped off at the bus station to come home, I was welcomed warm-hearteldy and had one of THE bestest times evz! The wedding was beautiful, the folk were amazing and the food was to-die-for!

Ps: This is going to be a long post!

Everything finished off perfectly. ..but if you are one of those who think that movie scenes of pre-wedding activities going wrong are fabricated, perhaps after this post your perspective will change. I got to experience it first hand!!! And  I totally get bridezillas now… I really do!

So I got fetched from the airport in The Barney Ramon ,his bestman, Liam and One of his groomsmen ,Shane came to fetch me. such cool folk! I even got offered to experience what a bull party is all about ( yeap,  supposed to be his bestie n I didn’t even get an invite mxm!) And yes…Ramons head is still quite huge (payback!)we decided to make our way straight home though!

Got home and only Lucille was awake… gosh!I missed her. Gave her the biggest hug I could. I was so excited to meet everybody that I have heard so much about and BTW their home is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

Woke up the Friday with much excitement. was their official wedding day , their court wedding and I FINALLY got to meet Lori!

We ready to make it official

Lucille,Lori and I

Scheduled to get married at 10am, we decided leaving at 8:30 would be fitting because we still needed to get Ramons ring… I had now met everybody in the house, Aunty Maylene,Aunty Murial ( Ramon and Lucilles mums, Ramons mum I met before Tashy (Ramons older sis) and Tanya and Mikayla ( Lu and mons younger sissys! )I got to meet sheigh-lee, Such a beautiful and pleasant child and all of the other kids!

I was super stoked because finally my besty was tieing the knot.

Eagerly setting off and greeting everybody, we jump in the car and then…. it just didnt want to start #NotCool!!!!

Panick mode now, we made a couple of calls and Liam was on his way for us…we made it on time,got his Ring and ID photos and they were officially Mr and Mrs Minnie.


The Mr and Mrs and their Bridesmaid and Best man ( This is lori’ and liam)

Ramon,Lucille,Lori and Liam

She got papers on him!!


The uncle who married them

At this point We were on a roll …and had shared all of the “to-do list” duties amongst the guys and the girls. Being one car Down already…Lori was going to take us and then the boys with Liam. We were good. We had our lists and were ready to get going well at least until…Lucille locked the car keys in Sherwyn’s ( Loris significant other ) car. #Hides…yeap car two down and a whole long list of things to do !!! This was actually happening!

Eventually, we all went to her place to get her car and the guys would go to fetch Sherwyn and get the spare key!

So we get there…and I meet everybody else, the Richards and the Montieres. What a beautiful family!!! And it turned out that they knew my family from both mum and dads side. #SmallWorldHey

Lori’s car was parked off and we get the garage remote…by this time we were WAAAY behind schedule. We still needed to get Luanes suit (Lucille ‘s son) we needed dresses for the bridesmaid, Mikayla and Tanya and a whole lot of other small but important things… just our luck…the garage door , that was recently fixed, didn’t want to open!!!!.like what was it with us and cars that day!

We got the car out and after several hours in Higate and Westgate mall we got what we needed. Returning home well after 7, we still had the Bride’s and Maid of honour’s dresses to fetch. We still had to drape and prep for the reception the next day and still had hair to do!.

Mikayla,Tanya and I

Us and Lucille,out and about shopping!

Actually got my nails did!

So we get the dresses and head on home and the chairs and tables were delivered to the incorrect address, it started pouring with rain and we couldn’t start the draping…12:30 am Lucille,Lori and I were driving around looking for grape juice for the communion the next day! Yeap! Beauty sleep clearly went out the window because eventually we all got home and slept around 2am… Lucille and I had some bonding time. We put our clay face masks on and off to sleep we went…believe me it was all worth it. But keep reading!

Ps: The church ceremony was scheduled for 8:30 am the Saturday morning.

Bright and early…the day we had all been anticipating, finally arrived. I had lucille’s,lori’s and Tanya’s hair to do…gawsh! where did two hours go because we were late! By almost 45 minutes! I hadn’t done my hair or make up and everybody else was done…I eventually dressed and skidaddled to the car…thinking I’d put my make up on in the church…ptsshhh #Foolishness

We got there and the ceremony started and so did the water works…not putting on make up actually worked in my favour. Lucille looked beautiful.Infact, that is an understatement by far! The bridesmaid’s and maid of honour and the groomsmen and bestman all looked perfect. Luane, Layla and Leighja (Ramon and Lucille s kids) looked too adorable. It was something so special to witness…it was emotional but good emotional.

Every minute of that service was special and every person in that church had something to think about after leaving. It was moving. It was beautiful. It was…. perfect!

Layla, leighja and Aunty Crystal

Kayla and Shane

Tanya and Sherwyn

Faizel and Charl

Liam and Lori

Luane walking mum Down the isle

Ncooh man!

They finally doing it

Their communion

Aunty Maylene and Aunty Muriel giving their kids away

Becoming one 🙂

When they said they do

Official in the eyes of God

Dad (Uncle Neville)and son

N so the ceremony ended. And it was picture time…I didn’t get to take any but that was because Aunty Crystal, Aunty Maureen and I decided it was best we actually started setting up for the reception. But, here are a few pics.

The Minnie 's and their kids


Lucille and her bridesmaids

Ramon and his groomsmen

Kayla,Tashy,Aunty Maylene,Shay,Tyler,Leighja,Layla, Luane #Gawjussnesss

Aunty Muriel and her daughters

Ramon and his girlies

Because we started late. Our time was limited! We left the church almost 11:30 and the guests were to arrive for the reception at 14:30. (We hadn’t even dressed A chair!)

We all dressed into something more comfy and then it all began. From carrying tables to dressing chairs and working on table arrangements. . .every thing was taking form.

The main table by Aunty Crystal

The set-up , we did it outselves

At 14:30 we decide to go and freshen up…but other technical errors occurred and well we ran about 2 hours later. But we started nevertheless. The speeches were heart-felt! And yes! I cried again…lol i haven’t cried that much in ages. I chose not to give my speech because we were already so behind.

The food was amazing. Charl-anne really out did herself and Nadia and her savouries were out of this world. We had tons of fun. We did all the Novelties of cutting the cake, which Lori baked and decorated all by herself, and first dances and wedding March. I had a ball. Everybody had a ball. The night ended and Lu,Ramon,Faizel (Nadias brother and one of the groomsmen)Nadia, Charl-anne, Bradz (their hilarious cousin) and myself sat and spoke and laughed until we couldn’t anymore.

The wedding cake by Lori

Cutting the cake


The first dance

Mum and son dance

Dad dancing with his girls

Mum dancing with her girls

Bestman jazzing with his niecey

Nadia and I

Cray cray


Bradz and Sherry (Nadia 's daughter)

Blurry duck lips

Mr and Mrs in cartoon form

Brother and sister

Beautiful soul...and old timer#hahahah

Brads and Sherry

They say that marriage unites two families… this union united more than that and thats because this couple is so amazing.

We had a ball. We danced and laughed. Aunty Maylene,Tashy,Aunty muriel , Tanya, kayla,and all the kids made my stay so much more exciting and home-like. Setting up with Aunty Crystal , Aunty Maureen and the boys was so much of fun.Aunty Muriel (Lucille’s mother)is strength personified AND she made me do her hair and make up… how fortunate was I! And meeting “Gran” Aunty Loraine was so precious because she reminds me so much of my Mar Una…you really would never say that that family is not blood related to Ramon and Lucille. They are all just simply amazing

Seeing my bestie so happy and all grown up warmed my heart and I know he made the right choice marrying Lucille. . .I love you long time my Mon Bon, Of all the girlfriends we went through…she Def ranks number 1. I’ve seen them grow from strength to strength. Their hearts are so big and they give me hope. They are simply amazing and one of God’s gifts to me.

Sunday was a sad day… I didn’t wanna leave and seeing Lucille cry was just heartbreaking. Faizel ,bradz and Sherwy were there bright and early and with a heavy heart I left.

On the bus home

It was by far one of,If not THE best and busiest weekend of the year!

Beautiful peeples. Beautiful food I mean what more do u need to turn up???

Wishing the bride and groom years and years and years of success. Love. Prosperity and God! And Thank you to every body who made this weekend happen. You guys rock awesome! Loads of love

Thank You Lucille and Ramon for allowing me to be apart of yourls lives and so actively involved in the wedding. Love u guys so much.

Perfection personified

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Ready …set…naturally brighter skin.


Over exposure to the sun causing uneven skin tone? Acne scars? Or simply just want to look a tone lighter…why not do it the natural way.

Ps: The golden rule of patients and consistency applies….what you put in is what you get out.

All the natural remedies can be made and stored for ONE week.

Natural face mask that can be used daily, Preferably in the evenings.


1 tsp tumeric powder
1 tsp plain yoghurt
1 tsp honey

Mix in a small container you can multiply by 3 to keep for the week ahead.

Apply to your skin, leave till dry and rinse with warm water.

As a brightening toner…


The juice of a half a lemon.
Half a glass of water.

Because lemon juice is very acidic…it can cause skin irritation for people with sensitive skin… to prevent this you can mic equal parts of lemon juice to water and this can also be stored for the week. Once you rinse off your tumeric face mask, take cotton swobs and dab mixture onto ur face.

As a natural moisturiser


Coconut milk.

Because lemon juice can leave your skin feeling dry, rub some coconut oil onto your face and allow to penetrate for about 20 minutes before lying down.

In order to maintain clean ,bright skin, it’s important to exfoliate at least once a week… one very easy yet effective mask to use is an oats mask.


soak your oats in milk overnight, next morning, add honey to make a thick paste… apply to your face and allow to dry.

Once dry, gently with your finger, work the oats off to make rinsing with your water easier …

And those are all the natural lightening tips for now.

Use consistently for 4-6 weeks before visible results appear.

Hope you folk are having an awesome weekend…after our win against Liverpool… my weekend has gone from 0 to 100! #ManchesterUnited

Well done to Anthony Martial on his debut goal😘

Loads of Breezy Love

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The Natural Way: Luscious lashes and thickened brows …


So I’m back to doing my tumeric facial mask…if you havent read the post and would like to, please follow:
》》 《《

the past winter was quite harsh on my skin… mixing all of these natural ingredients together and applying it on my face,  I remember posting ways in which to get dramatic lashes and ways to naturally – fill brows. I promised to to do a post on how we can promote length and thickness to these naturally . . .and so here we are.

I haven’t tried these and will be heading out to the pharmacy to grab some of these oils and I will be trying them BECAUSE if anybody, I need them desperately with the fine lashes and brows of mine.

Just like how it’s important to allow our skin to breath. . .its important to give our lashes and brows some time – out from the constant curling, plucking , dying tweezing and waxing. Lay off the false lashes and constant tagging for certain intervals and try some of the below:

Castor oil
is known to stimulate hair growth and to thicken it. It has numerous properties which have earned it’s popularity in the beauty world when it comes to hair. If you don’t want to add the other oils, after your evening shower, apply some to the lashes and brows and leave on until the morning.


Vitamin E oils.
This naturally stops hair loss. Also ensure your vitamin b and d requirements for the day are included in your diets…this aids drastically and will help your body do what’s necessary to accelerate hair growth.

Olive oil
Naturally has earned it’s stripes in the hair and beauty world for its deep-penetrating conditioning properties.

You can apply any of these daily in the evenings however I personally will be purchasing all of them and mixing them together. Placing them into an old ,cleaned – out mascara tube is a good idea and will help with the application. Be sure to change the mixture after every 2 weeks.

Affordable and Easy…might take some time to see results but as I say…what you put in…is what you get out…:)

Enjoy hunnies.

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How to get perfect lashes ALL the time

If your “perfect” is dramatic….then this post is just FOR YOU.

Ever looked at those chicks who have naturally long, thick and full lashes and then be silently grunting and rolling your eyes???

For a very long time i did because just like my eyebrows….my lashes are very fine and I’d say medium in length.

Anywho…back to how to get those dramatic lashes! These are the things you will need:


● Mascara – I use clarins – wonder perfect mascara or lancome- Hypnose Star… works perfectly . It’s volumizes and lengthens however, if you’d like, you could use one for length and one for volume…Il get back to the application in a bit.


● Eye lash clamper – if ever you doubted it’s ability to make a difference …I suggest you try it and reassess.

● translucent powder….I know, I was like WTFUDGE at first until I tried it. Awesome to put in between your coats to dramatise your lashes…u can even use some baby powder.

● Time – what you put in is what you get out… I will leave it at that.

So! First things first. Clamp your lashes, for a more permanent effect,add some heat to your clamper first and then clamp each side for about 10 seconds.

》》apply your Base coat of mascara… always begin from the bottom and almost wriggle your brush from bottom to top as you go along, ensuring all lashes are covered… allow to dry,but not completely and then apply, with an eye shadow brush, some powder over that coat.

》》Apply your second coat and repeat however many coats you desire. Be as quick as you can as you don’t want to end up with clumpy lashes…

Ps: Don’t forget about the bottom lashes…they totes make a difference…

viola! Perfectly dramatised lashes…even for us thats “skidding”


Happy tenacified Tuesday ya’ll


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How to get perfectly natural – filled brows

It’s the long weekend and you need to turn-up… here’s some quick tips to get the perfectly – filled brows… a post in which we try natural ways to thicken and darken will follow soon.

Sigh….this struggle is very much real! For all of us out there who would love eyebrows like this but instead have fine , non – existent brows instead.


It’s not impossible to get this as an end result…so iv learnt recently. My ever so talented collegue at work who does my eyebrows, let me in on tips to “fill” and darken my eyebrows because not even the tinting gives me the desired effect.

Being as curios as I am, I took to Google and went through tons of links for tips & tricks and I found that there are common tips that can indeed help in getting darker, natural – Looking brows…

Things you will need:

. Old mascara brush.
. Brow pencil ( colour that suits your complexion )
. Matching eye shadow
. Translucent powder

Steps to follow:

To guide you as to where to start and end your fill, line your brushes as follows:

Where your brow begins.


Where your brow ends


Then take your pencil and make dash – like movements from the beginning of your brow until the end…remember to make light motions coz you don’t wanna end up looking like drag – queen now.

You will then take an angled brush , if you don’t have 1, use the normal eye – shadow brush and you dab a little on your brush and start filling your brow…remember to go easy.

Once you’re done, use your old mascara brush and brush through your lashes so that it can all even out and also create lines within your brows to give off that natural – look effect.

Now that we’re almost done, to define the brow. Take some translucent powder and apply bordering the shape of your brow…this will definately add dimension and define your shape.


Perfectly natural – Looking filled eye brows. All set and ready to turn up.

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Beauty lies in….healthy hair!


When it comes to hair, there are 2 things I worry about most ; growth and it being healthy.

Today however iv chosen to focus on natural home remedies that promote hair growth, some which I personally use and some that I intend to start trying out.

We often want quick results but like everything else. Patiences is key. The normal advise given is still encouraged. Regular trims. Diet. WATER!!! Excercise and a folic acid tablet a day won’t harm and is great for healthy nails and hair.


1. Did you know that onion juice is good for hair growth. The high levels of sulphur promote hair growth as it is important in the hair growing phases.


You will need 3-4 onion. Grate them and squeeze the juice out. Apply is to your entire head. Get it into that scalp and massage . Leave for an hour and wash and rinse with a mild shampoo.

2. Castor oil…yeap if you’re from where I’m from. We don’t have good memories of castor oil…but we can change that now because castor oil is also very good for hair growth. If you can, try getting Jamaican black castor oil.


Castor oil can be used on the scalp to help prevent and remedy hair loss and it is effective at this for several reasons. It’s antibacterial and anti fungal properties make it beneficial against follliculitus, dandruff and scalp infections and its ricinoleic acid content helps increase circulation to the scalp and improve hair growth. Warm it up and apply and massage. Wrap with satin scarf or cling wrap. Apply some heat and leave for an hour or even over night. Wash and rinse with mild shampoo.

3. Natural oils.
I mix these oils and keep in a bottle and use to style or as a hot oil treatment.


I mix olive oil. Castor oil. Mint oil. Coconut oil. Amlah oil. Almond oil and I add methi seeds. You can mix them at all equal parts in an old moisturizer bottle and use as you need. It’s nice to massage into the scalp.

4. You can also use egg white with a tsp of honey and a tsp of olive oil to make a mask.


Mix all together, apply and leave for an hour. I generally do these when I’m cleaning and by the time I’m done and ready to shower, the mask has had enough time to set in

Hope you guys enjoy. Easy. Cost effective and gives you results. Remember to be consistent .

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Natural beauty… (guys can use this tooo:))

We know we should never compromise when it comes to our faces and purchasing facial products ….but we also know how costly it can be….

What if I told you that you can get glowing skin using simple ingredients that you have at home.

Yeaaap. It’s all natural so its suitable for all skin types and it’s cost effective because it is things that you would generally have at home but if you don’t and decide to go out and purchase it, I promise it won’t cost you more than R70
and can guarentee it will LAST you for months!!!

Tumeric powder is a natural skin whitener and is used a lot in eastern countries on brides the night before their weddings.

Below are some ways that you can use tumeric powder with other ingredients at home for cleaning masks. Oil control. And to obtain a brighter skin tone.

The one I use regulary is:
1 tsp of tumeric powder
1 tsp of honey
1 tsp of milk

Mix It all together and apply with fingers evenly.Wait till dry and then rinse off with warm water. And vwalaahh brighter looking skin awaits you. You can repeat this 2-3 times a week.

Another nice one to try (however avo’s might not always be available,) is:

1 tsp tumeric
1 tsp plain yoghurt
1/4 of a small avocado pear.

Mix all the ingredients together and apply as a paste. Wait till dry and rinse. this makes for  the perfect cleansing mask and can be done once a week.

Tip: You can use lemon juice instead if milk if you have very oily skin.


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