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Co-vid19: SA – Divide and conquer successful

Divide and conqur.

Sigh, sadly that’s what’s happening with the whole co-vid19 pandemic, which to me is just Ludacris.

I’ve seen people go back and forth on social media re: the delay of the presidents address. Personally, I can imagine what a daunting task it must be; making decisions that jeopardize the health and safety of your people, their household income and the effects it will have on the economy. However, personally, if I knew I kept my people waiting previously, I would have consulted first and announced the address to the nation after. My view is premature in all fairness, as I do not know a thing of government processes work.

With that said, it really is besides the point. In a time like this, instead of dividing ourselves over something we have no control over (the president and his agendas) we should be coming to together just as strong as, or if not stronger than our opinions and look for ways forward that we all can come out of this or ways that we can help others less fortunate than us (be mindful or leaving things for other people to buy, address symptoms and get them checked, wash hands, social distancing ourselves (this is hard for me sjo but it is important) and spreading love and light).

When the outbreak initially occurred. I feared this would happen. We’re a developing country and countries ahead of us in technology, economy, leadership etc, couldn’t contain the virus. We called out DIRCO and the dept of health to find out why aren’t we educating people on this as much as we should, suggested the travel ban and begged for our SA citizens to be repatriated and after many arranged radio interviews, Facebook posts and emails… We fell short. It’s only now this is being taken seriously.

I do commend our government on the rapid response they’re now taking to #flattenthecurv however, part of me still feels its a very reactive approach by our country and WHO. Travel bans were supposed to be imposed then…. It would definately have not been this volatile. So yes, I do understand the frustration  of our people and the panic and fear.

So here’s what I think:

If people are posting things you don’t agree with, posting  false information or being ignorant and you decide to respond, respond by imparting knowledge and move on. The world needs all of our prayers, good vibes, positive energy and knowledge right now and it feels wasted if we’re going to bash people because either they don’t know any better or don’t agree with us.

We should be coming together as a nation and finding ways of combating this.

I’m also guilty of sometimes prematurely responding or not staying indoors all the time because most of these measures have been implemented by myself and my family from when my sister and her kids were facing this in China, months ago, and sometimes I feel I just need to get out. There is definately more I can do to play part in this, take a stronger stance on the social distantancing thing, create more awareness and educational posts and choose to be the light in these darks times.

Whether you believe this whole thing is a conspiracy theory, the devil at work, God testing us or God giving earth a break…we should be standing together.

That’s just my 2c on this.

Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl

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