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International Woman’s day – 2020

What a beautiful day

I allowed myself to take a walk down memory lane today. Stopped at every street corner and landmark and mellowed there for bit.

I reflected on the women in my life. Those that were around me all the time, the ones that raised. I remembered their stories and it legit gave me goosebumps. My Mar Una, my aunt Carol and my mum are the three women that I can honestly say have been the most influential and impactful.

Growing up and as kids, we always just saw the effortless smiles. We got happy for the tasty food and the beautiful clothes. What we weren’t exposed to, were the struggles that went behind awarding us those things.

My Mar una made school holidays and all our visits memorable. She was the glue that stuck our family together. Memories of all my cousins, uncles and her sitting around her brown coffee table playing cards or dominoes are my fondest. The laughter, the agony of losing and the good vibes, to this day warms my heart. She went out of her way to cook each person’s favorites and always did it with love. When I learned of the life she had lived, only after her passing, I couldn’t believe that someone who endured so much, could be so graceful and carry those burdens with effortlessly.

My Mar Una

My Aunty Carol. The aunty that was and still remains our second to my Mar Una. Always there to celebrate our victories and nurture our hurts and pain. She always ran our ‘mothers race’ at our school sports and made sure she won! Every hospital visit, every school award, she was there. Till today, she will accompany me to my doctors visits. Cook for me and our family functions and never complain. When I look back at all she’s endured in her personal life and with her health and I see her always willing to reach out and help others. I’m remimded at just how much God loves me for surrounding me with such strong and courageous woman….ever since my mars passing, she is the person that would do what my Mar would do for us.

My Aunty Carol (on the left)

My momma bear. Fiesty, goal-driven and brutally honest. A mom, in many cases, is a daughter’s best friend. She’s a daughters first nurturer, teacher and doctor. Growing up and becoming my own woman, I found myself clashing alot with my mom, sometimes judging her. Until God shows up and makes you endure stuff and then you look back and have a ‘now it makes semse’ moment. My mother has endured alot in her life time and till today, let’s nothing and no one stand in her way. Whilst I might not like it, but her being brutally honest has guided me and forced the hand of change in my life. What no one else has the guts to say, she does it effortless, but all from a place of love. No body, and I mean nobody can mess with her kids. And she is very vocal about that. She’s a hands on mom that gets things done and puts people in their rightful places. My mother loves hard. She pushes boundaries, she creates waves and she is influencial. She can be so delicate at times and at others can be so head strong. Her drill seagant ways of ensuring chores were done and on time and right way, has enabled me to run my own home effortlessly and when she thinks it’s not up to standard, best believe she will call me out. With all of this, she has moulded me into the woman I am today.

My Momma

Strong, courageous, fierce, passionate, persistent, queens… Are just a few characteristics of these three beautifully strong women! Women that i was raised by and who have had such positive influences over my life

So this international Womans day is dedicated to them. Remembering their struggles, celebrating their achievements and being inspired by their hustle and journey.

Love and light, from just an ordinary girl

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