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How’s your day?

It has been such a challenging few weeks. You know when sometimes you feel like you’re drowning and the more you want to try and work through things, the more you get overwhelmed because you just know know where to start? That’s been me.

Moving into a new role is challenging enough. I was more excited about this because I was up for the challenge. What I was not prepared for was that, plus my Mums unexpected health shock, all whilst assignments and exams prep is underway.

I sought to pint rest for motivational quotes and other motivational sites to help keep me afloat and the support I’ve received from colleagues, friends and family has been of a great help but the lack of support from the people we sometimes need it from the most just adds to the already overwhelming period.

I just feel like I need to be doing more but I just don’t have the mental capacity to do so right now. Ever felt that way?

I know these moments are meant to make us grow and groom us into better versions of ourselves and I’m always ready for the rough seas before reaching calmer waters. I just needed to vent.

Giving up is not in my DNA. So even the thought of progress serves like a ray of sunshine in what seems to be a very gloomy and never-ending day.

Some personal and honest thoughts and feelings from just an ordinary girl trying to do better.

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Rosefest Durban… Are you ready?

In June this year we wrote up about the Rosefest announcement that multi-award winning artist Shekhinah dropped on us all.

The JHB show blasted off on 09 August 2019 and was such a huge success.

The Durban show is set for 12 October 2019 and Is celebration of the anniversary of the Rose Gold album.

Over the past few days, Shekhinah visited schools around Durban, her home town to pay homage. From the looks and sounds of things, she was warmly welcomed and energetically received. The Rose Fest is for everyone. You can legit bring your whole family.

Images are from the RoseFest Facebook page

Talks of candy-floss, food stalls, a live band and a fun fair are spreading through the airwaves and we are loving it. The only thing better than music at a fun fair, are selfies at the fun fair rocking rose gold tinted glasses!

Shekhinah’s aim is said to not only jive along to the music but to capture memories. And she’s creating a vibe for us to do just that. So grab your Coachella swag, get those tickets. And lets all be rosey!

Image from the Rosefest Facebook page

I’m definitely ready to Suite up and prepared for a uniquely Different music experience. It’s definately going to be one for the books.

Stay updated and be sure to like and follow the Rosefest Facebook page, click here. Or, visit the Rosefest website

Tickets are available at web tickets – book yours now!

Love and good vibes always, from just an ordinary girl.