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#QOTD #64

If there is one important lesson I’ve learnt from studying Physical Science in school, it is :

Energy cannot be created, it can only be transferred

This applies to even the energy within us.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing; being referred to as a “ball of energy”. When you walk into a room and it instantly lights up, when you treat each moment like you were meant to be there, It’s not. a bad. thing.

People who lack energy will automatically gravitate towards you because they want some of that spunk, that tenacity, which isn’t bad in its entirety. #lawofattraction.


It can become draining; their negative energy being transferred to you and your positive energy to them.

This is why it is absolutely important to choose your circle wisely. Your circle should comprise people with mostly positive energy, so that it’s always transferred amongst you all. You circle will be thee group of people tHat you will spend most of your time with.

Having them there to constantly transfer doses of positive energy, especially when your spirits are dragging the floor, is really what life is all about. That very transaction. And then you, returning the favour and doing that for them.

Energy can’t be created, it can only be transferred and channeled. Spread yours wisely (:

Stay away from the fakers, the haters, the negative talkers, the small dreamers until you have enough positive energy to fill the world!

❤️ and 💡 🌈 always, from just an ordinary girl.

Girl power, Lifestyle, Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

Help me understand, please!

The brothers on these social media streets never fail to amaze me.

Now I’m known to be abit of hex so help me out.

let me try to understand this:

Events that occur upon me accepting a friend request

You don’t know me.

You invite me on social media. Cool, it is a SOCIAL media platform after all.

You hit me up through my DM seconds after I accept and say hey “beautiful”?


Wait. What’s beautiful? Can’t be my picture? I mean that could very well be photoshopped or had brighter lighting than normal? No? How do you even know it’s me?

Then I say, self… put the hex tendencies away, perhaps his being polite (still very unsettled though)

And I respond and say hey.

Then, you ask for a picture…


…but didn’t you see my pro pic or peruse my profile (oh snap, no time, it’s only been about what? A minute?) but then again, you just called me beautiful. Or, did you lie, just coz you think I’d be flattered (totes offensive, I mean I don’t need your validation, mama raised a hustler and Daddy raised a queen) or, are you looking for other pictures?

At this point I be like “ok Tazz chill, don’t be so hard. Maybe he is appreciating your finesse”…

And then I reply and ask? Picture? There’s tons on my profile. 😅

And i think to myself, ok, this is going to go okayish from here. Huge sigh of relief!


you say “so how you doing baby”



Unfriend and block is what I think next.

Let me try to explain why. I get thinking, what ever happened to getting to know somebody and referring to their soul and character as beautiful?

Why are our brothers so consumed with how their girls look, I mean we all know that’s not going to last forever and that we (girls, even Beyoncé) don’t wake up with perfectly filled eyebrows or our cheeks naturally glowing, or baby hair gel’d to our foreheads.

I so badly wanna ask: Brothers, Are you not worried that I could be a psycho? No? Money devil maybe? No? Do you not wanna get to know me, as in me me, personality? To see if you would actually be interested in me?

Don’t you wanna know my future aspirations, secret desires or to get to know Whether or not id beable to hold you down In times of need?

Do you not wanna get to know me, respectfully, so you can put to use the manners your mama raised you with, have a meet and greet and just speak about nothing and everything. Pull out a chair for me, offer to pay for the bill and then drop me off at home at a reasonable hour?

No? Not even to just get to know me, if a relationship is not what you looking for?

Is it really all about how I look?

Like, do I need to get with the programme and just be ready to show boob or ass Or a perfectly done face and hair and be on stand by to take pics as soon as you ask?

Help me understand. Please!! Coz I cant comprehend how it’s normal for this kinda conversation to come up and so often.

Is it me?

I mean I get so excited to meet new folk and In most cases regret accepting 3lines into the convo because it’s becomes so apparent; the superficial world we living in.

Thoughts, from just an ordinary girl

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John legend – Meet and Greet. The Darkness and Light Tour 

Many times we perceive artists and their ability to do their crafts by how they are portrayed and captured by the media. By their interactions that are filmed. Whilst we can never fault their ability to do their craft, we often hear stories of how entitled some artists can be, once them and their crafts are accepted by the world.

This is not the case with John Legend. He is as humble as he is portrayed to be.

Yesterday, 07th November 2017, a day to remember. A group of friends and I won a competition which comprised a meet and greet with the legend himself and also tickets to his  darkness and Light concert here in Durban South Africa. 

Now I’d love to include every detail about the build – up and anticipation to THE moment, about how we obsessed over how we looked because we wanted it to be perfect, but I will spare you guys those boring details 🤣

All I am going to say is that he is as chilled as a cucumber, he has the most amazing smile, he is an absolutely amazing performer and the love he has for his daughter and his wife and then his music, is just absolutely admirable! 

Me with the legend himself

Now, if that weren’t super amazing, I also got to meet THE Shekhinah! Many of you who know me, know that I’m one of  Her biggest fans 😍🙈. 

Myself, Shekhinah and Amy
Myself and Shekhinah

I was honestly in awe at how normal and humble both these performers are. They really are just ordinary people doing extra ordinary things and I wish them nothing but the best in all their future endeavors.

But that still wasn’t the highlight of the night. The highlight of the night was that I got to spend the evening with these amazing girls. 

Amy, Laiyah and Myself
We sang, danced. Laughed, almost cried, got wet in the rain and loved it and even shoved our shoes off just to take the moment all in. The #carTALs. And after it all, I cooled off at Cuba and McDonald’s with this Chika and her amazing hubby.

Desiree and I

It was definitely one of THE best nights of my entire being. 
A huge thank you to Big concerts and East coast radio for arranging the meet and greet. A huger thank you to everyone that helped us win , the votes, shares and support has been nothing short of amazing. And the hugest thank you to Amy and Laiyah for the memories of both making our carpool karaoke videos and lastnight, for always keeping it 100 and for the support through-out the years. 

You can visit my Facebook page here to check out more videos building up to the meet and greet and concert, live feeds and more pictures. 

Love ❤️ and 💡 always, from just an ordinary girl 

Girl power, Lifestyle, Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

#DFH #62

Dear future husband,

Will you support me in all my cray cray endeavors? 

My friends and I made it to the finals of the East Coast Radio’s #meet&greetjohnlegend competition.  I’m just wondering if you would support the random, crazy things I sometimes I do. I hope you would.

Eagerly awaiting you.

Love and light and some cray cray delights, your future wife 

Love, life & everything's else in between, music, personal

The #carTALs: our carpool karaoke take! 

So a couple of weeks ago, our company launched a platform for us to share our carpool karaoke videos. A fun initiative to get into the year-end groove. 

Two of my very good friends and I decided to participate and boy did we have fun. 

Check out our video on Facebook by clicking Here 

If you have any, drop the link below and let us get sharing (: 

Love and light ya’ll