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Hirsch’s head chef competition 2017

It’s just before 4pm on Friday afternoon and I can get a call from my dad asking if I heard the good news. The only news I was waiting for, was the outcome of a competition that my baby brother was partaking in.

Many of you who know me and my baby bro, know that we are a love-hate relationship personified! 

But they also know that I’m THE biggest cheer leader for anybody, when it comes to celebrating accomplishments, especially those of brothers and sister.

Last week Friday, 27 October 2017, Hirsch’s hosted the first head chef of the year competition. 

The competition was meant to take place earlier in the year, at the East Coast Radio house and garden show however, due to technicalities, the competition was postponed. 

Top culinary schools selected their top students to battle it off for the title. 

My brother was selected from his college together with his colleague Havinsha and was up against some worthy opponents from other culinary schools in Durban.

A tough-to-please panel of judges were ready and waiting to critique their dishes. The judging panel comprised Allan Hirsch, Joani Mitchell and Desmond Davies. 

We’ve always encouraged my brother to be humble and to have fun in all he does, that’s ultimately what it’s about and time after time he takes our advice and makes us proud. 

Yes. He took the title of Hirsch’s head chef of the year for 2017. 

This is such a huge achievement for him and for our family, considering that prior to him becoming a chef, he lacked drive and passion. 

As his older sister I felt obliged to write this piece dedicated to him. To introduce him to the world because he’s slowly earning his place. This kid is darn good at what he does. 

To Fish, boytjie, all I can say is keep doing you. Stay true to who you are. Remain humble and give off your best at all times whilst having the time of your life. Each dish you put out is a true reflection of you. Remember: there will always be somebody more skilled than you, less talented than you but there will never be anybody that is just like you. 

Super proud of you. This industry isn’t ready for you Boy but you show them! 

Proud moment: Chef Fish spoiling his folks

Love and light from an extremely proud older sissy.