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How do you know if you winning? 

For me, it’s not based on the house you live in, the car you own or the balance of your bank account. 

For me? Winning is the piece of me that I consciously leave behind with every interaction and that piece actually being received. Winning for me is the opposite of perfection, it’s being strong enough to wear your flaws like a diamond necklace and still have people accept you as you are. 

Winning for me is theperception of me that lies with God, my family and friends. It’s my circle. 

This post was inspired by a challenge I accepted. It was a #complimentchallenge going around on FB where, your friends would leave their name and you would need to mention one thing you love about them. 

Ofcause I couldn’t just mention ONE thing, I mean what torture is that! 

I gravitated towards the challenge because celebrating the best in people is what I do and also because my connection with each person I encounter is personal. I latch on to the things in them that we share and that’s how our interactions are always valuable. The things we don’t share widens my perspective so it’s an all round blissful interaction.
It took a turn because whilst I was having fun having mention the thins I love and admire about my friends, their responses literally made my heart melt.


And this ❤️

For a second I thought I was on the wrong thread.🙈 so humbled you guys. 

I love each of you dearly and really appreciate the love and support and encouragement you guys have given me so far on this journey of self mastery I’ve embarked on. 

Whilst the haters will always hate, how can I not be winning with friends and family like these 🙌🏼

Check yourself. That’s how you know you’re winning (: it’s all about true connections.

❤️ and 🌈 always. From just an ordinary , appreciative girl