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Chris Brown’s: welcome to my life doccy 👌🏼✌🏼💯

Listen, if you know me, you know I am #teambreezy lol. 

Besides the fact that I gravitate towards his creativity; sing, dance, sport, graffiti and style, I respect his hustle. 

Today Chris Brown’s documentary: Welcome to my life airs on Netflix

Best believe I had a count down and as soon as I opened my eyes, after I said my morning prayer and before I brushed my teeth, my laptop was out.

I’ve just closed my laptop, done watching and this is what I’ve taken from this doccy (as unbiased as I can be) : 

  1. We are all flawed 
  2. You will be judged 
  3. Take accountability 
  4. Use your step back to fuel your come back 
  5. Perseverance is key 
  6. Push your passion 
  7. Own yourself, flaws and all 
  8. There will always be Haters 
  9. Family is everything 
  10. God first, all else second 

To come back from what he came back from, to err in public , be judged by the world and fight all the emotional issues he fought…. #legend #Own your Sh**!

I consider him brave, to open up himself to the world, highlight his flaws and challenges on a public stage…  and still be able to push on#respect

Call him a women beater, a devil , spoilt or entitled… and all I’m gonna say is look in the mirror.

You may not like him, but you will respect his hustle lol!
Having gone through my own kind of trauma, I aspire to make a legendary comeback as he has. I aspire to show the world who I am and be okay with it. I aspire to be my own kind of perfect and if you’re rolling with me, then let’s roll. If not, then salute and all the best! So whilst everybody may hate Chris. I wanna be just like Chris.

If you haven’t watched it… you know what you need to do.
Love and light fam. Maurice made my Saturday!