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Dear self 

Dear self.

You are amazing. You have so much of potential and possess the power to birth and teach nations. You are a queen. You are strong, courageous and kind. 

Dear self.

You were not born to be or to accept mediocre. You were born to stand out and do great things through little, consistent actions. You were not born to be fake or to pretend just to to fit in, no! you were created by the master who of masters, who created the heavens and earth and all else in between. Do you know how special you are?

Dear self

The world is not as it seems but remember that what people say about you, is none of your business. Stay in your lane and continue to see the world through your eyes 👀. Haters will always hate, use it to fuel success but never let it dull your sparkle.

Oh and self, 

Always remember that you do not need permission to stand up for what’s right! If anything, you have an obligation to do so. Do not let anybody make you feel less for doing the right thing.

Whilst we have tons of growing to do, we are growing in the right direction.

Remember: it’s always between you and Allah 

Love and light always 

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#QOTD #61

“Fall 7 times, stand up 8”

~ Japanese proverb 

Such a short, yet profound quote. I had to remind you guys of this, coz it moved me this morning. 

I watched a video of Denzel Washington speaking to a group of graduates. He said something that made so much of sense and actually got me thinking. Then I remember this proverb and here we are.

He said that success is all hard work and determination and that there are no shortcuts to success. 

He encouraged this group of graduates to fail big. Because failing big means you have vision, it means that you know where you want to go and you will not stop at anything, to get there. 

He reminded them to make goals; Yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals; so that they’re consumed with their own hustle and struggle and character. Makes sense right? as it eliviates time spent focusing on others. 

What a beautiful speech and very appropriate for the group he was addressing. 

I was reminded of today’s quote. And it made me tell self: “Do not give up“. It reminded me that success comes from falling, dusting yourself off and continuing. Beautiful. 

So, kings and queens!  fall 7 times and be sure to stand up on 8! You got this!

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Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl