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Have you ever had your dream come true? 

I’ve had a couple of mine come true but none that left me with such humility and pride than the one that came true yesterday. 

Yesterday, 26 September 2017, my very own, first blog was published on a portal at work. When I received the link, I literally felt like crying, weird I know. Me (Tasneem) blogging for one of the  largest corporate’s (in SA) online portal. Yessis ! 🙌🏼💃🏻#donotwakemeup! #dontpinchmeeither.

What was even more amazing, was the positive feedback and the comments from my fellow colleagues, known and unknown.

“Such an informative read” 

“well written” 

“brilliant piece” 

…were some of the 392 comments left at close of business today. 

I always say that 

if your craft is able to touch the life of Atleast one person, you’ve received more than you could have bargained for.

 I mean isn’t that one of, if not our main purpose? To help others? 

And even though some may say: “what’s the biggy, it’s just a blog” and others: ” so, what? I mean it’s only on a voluntary basis

I say: Eeeerrrrr JUST a blog? What are you smoking! And Stay in your lane and leave me to share a piece of me with those around me, even if it’s on a voluntary basis”#wink

I was not born to sit on the side lines and neither were you! We are born with a Devine purpose. So even if I gotta juggle work, studies, personal and corporate blogging, then I’m gonna do what I gotta do! I know there’s folk out there working ten times harder than I, to pursue their dreams. If you’re one of them, you’re my role model! 

Shukr Allah for this amazing opportunity! Shukr to my family for the constant support and encouragement and to my friends and colleagues, you guys are THE best!

Share your dreams that have come true with us, and let’s celebrate each other. Yeah? Yeah! 

Spreading love and light always