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Don’t be basic ❌

I always have an urge to change things. I have to add abit or T sparkle to even the clothes I wear. Whilst I wish that I had more time to do these things, I have fun when I actually get the chance to transform something into my own. 

In the below post, I will show you how I turned this (I forgot to take a pic of my actual Tshirt ( this is a regular men’s Tshirt from Mr price under 60 bucks)

To this

So I’m going to my God daughters party in a few and I was puzzled 😕 WRT what am I going to wear. She’s having a Minnie themed party and I have nothing pink or polka-dotty. So, I took to google and found the idea of DIY bleaching and then it just transformed. 

Things that you will need:

  1. Tshirt
  2. Bleach 
  3. Water
  4. Spray bottle
  5. Piece of card board 
  6. Pritt 
  7. Pen
  8. Scissors 
  9. Space 

So, you will firstly need to get a stensil of whatever shape you’d like on your Tshirt, I went with a Disney/Mickey/Minnie shape to match the theme of the party. 

I drew this on normal paper ( used a CD to draw the “face” and a glass bottom to draw the “ears), I would however suggest that you use cardboard instead of paper as, as you can see, the bleach seeped through my stencil and so my shape isn’t as neat, as black and as crisp as it should be. 

You will stick cardboard stencil on your T using pritt. (You can place it, anywhere you want).

In your spray bottle, you will add bleach and a little water. 

Place your T on a wide surface and put another piece of cardboard inside of your tshirt ( to prevent the bleach from seeping through to the back).

Then squirt squirt squirt and watch the magic happen. I was abit impatient, my colour didn’t change straight away and so I rubbed bleach into the tshirt. Please DONT do this, you can see that my “orange colour” is all inconsistent because of this. Leave to dry, or iron it out if you’re impatient like me and vwala! You should then maintain a more consistent bleached look.

It should look something like this, this isn’t mine, it’s a pic I worked off on, from google 

Now, I couldn’t leave this as is, so I got my scissors and got snipper-happy. 

I widened the neck region to sit wider on my shoulders by cutting out the collar. I also cut off the hemmed part of the sleeve ( don’t know what you call it lol) but it’s the end , neat part of the sleeve and did the same with the hemmed, neat part of the bottom of the Tshirt. I wanted a more playful look so I cut “strips” all the way through the bottom of the tshirt, like this:

And that’s the T sparkle ( Tay sparkle) that I added to this plain, old, men’s Tshirt ( I prefer men’s as it’s more of a relaxed fit) but you can use a tshirt of your choice and a colour of your choice. 

I will pair this with a pair of jeans that I ripped. And a pair of black sneakers with two buns in my hair and I’m ready to go! 

Have wonderful Saturday to you all.

❤️ and 🌈 always, from just an ordinary girl 💋

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