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Push your passion.

Nothing that’s ever easy is worth it and Anything that’s worth it, takes hard work and sacrifice. It’s a given! 

Many of you know my love for the written and spoken word. Many of you would also know that I’m huge on communication and have enrolled for a degree in communications. 

Where I’m at in my career right now, isn’t ideally where I’d like to be, but it’s a stepping stone to where I need to be. Can I just highlight though, that 

you can literally apply your passion to your job, even if your job isn’t necessarily in line with your passion. 

What do I mean by this? Well here’s how I apply my passion to my job. So I love radio, it’s something I would love to persue one day. With every telephonic interaction with my clients, I envision it as an interaction “on air”. Just like radio, that’s governed by the BCCSA and other regulatory bodies to ensure information provided is fair and true, we have quality assessors who assess the information and the conduct of our interactions with our clients. This helps me approach my interactions, with even irates, a lot calmer and actually gets me looking forward to the call. You may laugh, but it works. Try it (: if you’re into acting maybe, pretend that what you’re doing is a role you’re auditioning for, and run with it.

So a couple weeks ago our service team hosted a team of executives. I was on leave, and was asked if I’d consider sharing my thoughts with them, on a portal that we use at work. It’s an online gaming / live-update feed/portal, which has weekly blogs containing important updates and information regarding the business. After each blog, you have to complete a short survey and by doing so and interacting on this online portal, you gain chances of winning rewards in the form of some really cool gifts. (VR glasses, headphones, travel bags etc)

So me, who loves things like presentations or public speaking, jumped at the opportunity because firstly, I was honoured to even be considered and secondly, presenting on something you’re passionate about is a no brainer. Win -win. So going into the office on my day off wasn’t even an issue for me. 

Extremely ashamed to say, I was not familiar with some of the executives that I was presenting to, but one of them happened to be an exec of the department that is responsible for the blogs on this portal. . . Yes… it’s going there. 

Fast forward to a brief intro, couple of emails and you’re looking at someone who is now given permission to contribute to the blogs on this portal. Yeap, be it drafting of blogs, giving content ideas or simple feedback, Nothing too formal or structured but more so an oppotunity to voluntarily apply my passion to my everyday work… so you see? You def can apply your passion to the work that you do. Be authentic, push that passion and you’d never know where this could lead.

Now, to many this may not be a thing. I mean it’s voluntarily and it’s blogs about company info. To me? It’s a door opening to a world of knowledge. With the different content ideas in place, it will now force me to learn about other aspects of the business, increasing my knowledge, insight and perspective. I get to learn new or different blogging styles and a different method of having my blogs published. You see where I’m going to with this? I even get a chance to impact people and share the knowledge I gain 😊

As if that weren’t enough of an honor, a friend and I got asked to host our performance excellence awards today and We thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. I felt at home! Celebrating? Engaging and just being you… who could say no to hosting that (: 

It’s been such a hectic week, spirits dragging on the floor on some days, but overally, it’s been a week of oppotunity; blogging, hosting and impacting people’s lives positively. All of my passions, applied in the current job I’m in.

So with all of that said, today’s message is literally to just encourage you to keeping pushing your passion. It takes one person and just one oppotunity to change the game ❤️ but in between all of that, just keep doing you and just keep pushing that passion. 

Love and light always, from just an ordinary girl