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The truth is…

I’ve just been on a downer lately; barely making it to ride even the low waves 🌊 of this thing called life. But as I always say, we gotta have not so good days to appreciate the good days right? Right! 

So now that I’m in a better space, I thought I’d share my views on something’s. I would love to get your input whether you’re a guy or a girl. I’m supposed to be up doing assignments but my urge to write is so strong and so here we are. 🙈

The truth is that at some point in our lives, we will always give more than we will receive, love more than we’re loved and just work hard and get less in return. It’s normal. It happens. It’s life.

Are we meant to just give up and give in?  I don’t think so, I can only speak from a women’s perspective and for myself, but the truth is, if somebody really loves you and honours you, leaving wouldn’t ever be the first option. The truth is, if you’re really dedicated to a job, a project, or studying, giving up wouldn’t be the first option. But hey, if you choose to throw in the towel, that’s on you. 

It’s always nice to remember that you cannot control somebody else’s thoughts, feelings, decisions or actions. You can only control your reaction. 

What happeneds when you this, when you just give up? 

I think for the person or thing with whom you’re cutting off or even for. yourself, it’s important to deal with the situation properly. We all know about the 80/20 rule and we all know that when we make decisions based on temporary emotions, the second logic kicks in and emotions die down… we left with tons of ?’s. 

So it’s never wise to make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.

I say that it’s important to sought your thoughts out, just as you would the clutter in your closets or kitchen cupboards. Sought them out and discard what’s not necessary. We are emotional beings and if we feed too much into emotions, we’re doomed. 
The truth is that staying positive is a choice, it’s a conscious choice of literally forcing out negative thoughts and choosing to think of something positive…practice makes perfect (: 

I’m no professional when it comes to advice but I think I’ve had my fair share of experience when it comes to the things that I blog about and I feel obliged to share my perspective. Only with the intention of helping somebody else out there (:

Life is a journey meant to be taken, always remember that nothing in this journey called life is permanent. We’re meant to experience highs and lows and the most high has every reason jotted down.

The truth is that all life’s experiences are meant to make us better people not bitter people. So here’s to actually dealing with the not so glamorous side of life so that we can come out better than we were before the ordeal. The truth is that you are a person created by the most high; beautiful and powerful. The truth is that you have the ability to be a king or queen and reign supreme over your life. The truth is that you should always remain true to yourself so that you can remain true to others. 

Love ❤️and light 🌈 always. Thoughts from just an ordinary girl