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Have you ever had your dream come true?ย 

I’ve had a couple of mine come true but none that left me with such humility and pride than the one that came true yesterday. 

Yesterday, 26 September 2017, my very own, first blog was published on a portal at work. When I received the link, I literally felt like crying, weird I know. Me (Tasneem) blogging for one of the  largest corporate’s (in SA) online portal. Yessis ! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป#donotwakemeup! #dontpinchmeeither.

What was even more amazing, was the positive feedback and the comments from my fellow colleagues, known and unknown.

“Such an informative read” 

“well written” 

“brilliant piece” 

…were some of the 392 comments left at close of business today. 

I always say that 

if your craft is able to touch the life of Atleast one person, you’ve received more than you could have bargained for.

 I mean isn’t that one of, if not our main purpose? To help others? 

And even though some may say: “what’s the biggy, it’s just a blog” and others: ” so, what? I mean it’s only on a voluntary basis

I say: Eeeerrrrr JUST a blog? What are you smoking! And Stay in your lane and leave me to share a piece of me with those around me, even if it’s on a voluntary basis”#wink

I was not born to sit on the side lines and neither were you! We are born with a Devine purpose. So even if I gotta juggle work, studies, personal and corporate blogging, then I’m gonna do what I gotta do! I know there’s folk out there working ten times harder than I, to pursue their dreams. If you’re one of them, you’re my role model! 

Shukr Allah for this amazing opportunity! Shukr to my family for the constant support and encouragement and to my friends and colleagues, you guys are THE best!

Share your dreams that have come true with us, and let’s celebrate each other. Yeah? Yeah! 

Spreading love and light always 

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#QOTD #60

What a restful, beautiful long weekend I had. Slept more than I’ve done in ages, watched more movies in these three days than I have in the whole year and spent some much needed quality time with my mama and my pops.

I think this weekend was needed especially when we consider the saying:

Life doesn’t get easier, but you just get stronger.

– unknown 

How true is this? As we grow older, we face so many challenges, and they just keep on coming; work, personal, relationships, finance etc.

I truelly believe that these challenges are meant to make us stronger and wiser. These challenges prepare us for the next; to make us the people we were meant to be.

So get ready, shift in to gear and be mentally prepared for challenges to come, even if it means that you press the reset button from time to time and just chill, like what I did on this long weekend. 

You got this! 

Love and light always from:

Just an ordinary girl 

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Me as a full-time working, student #QOTD #59

Every cloud has a silver lining 

English proverb 

How does one deal with being a full-time employee and a student?

Aaah, it’s not easy hey! We all have those moments where we just want to switch -off the alarm and roll over. 

Being a student on its own, is difficult; managing your time, figuring stuff out on your own (if you’re doing correspondence learning) and just being overwhelmed with the very many assignments you have to do. 

All of that, plus juggling a full time job, which comes with stresses of its own, throw in a family and yeah… it’s like being overwhelmed on steroids, like the walking dead personified.

How does one cope? How does one keep the momentum? 


I envision it, I picture it. Me, receiving that piece of paper called a degree. I envision the honour, gratitude and humility I am going to feel on my graduation day when I put that gown and that ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽ“ hat on. The feeling I’m gonna get when my name gets called to the stage and the look I’m going to see on my parents face.
I envision THE picture! The one that somebody’s gonna snap as I throw my hat into the sky with that “I finally got this shit) smile on my face. 

Yes…. I envision it all.

I envision myself telling my success story when I’m in my dream position, speaking at a conference or road show, talking about how I started off as a call centre consultant and how hard work and determination, late nights and arguments with self , all lead up to me being a profound name in the communication world: print, broadcast and even digital.

I envision telling my success story of me building my brand, my blog and not to brag, oh no! But to inspire and hopefully give people hope to push themselves and their boundaries.

I have an amazing support structure, my God, my family and my few but true friends, always encouraging me to go for the moon. They literally pick my spirits up when its scraping the floor, they  speak words of positivity, love, light, power, encouragement and life into me. Fam, I don’t know what I did to deserve the amazing people in my life, but I’ll take it, take them and remain grateful for as long as I’m alive and kicking.

So you want to know how I do it? How I , even though it’s a struggle, get up to that alarm and even after a hectic day at work, personal problems and dealing with a break up, am able to sit and submit the 10 assignments per semester and still prepare to study? There you have it, by envision the end and having myself an amazing support structure 

That’s all I got. Nobody said it will be easy ya’ll. But nothing that’s ever easy is worth it right! 

Remember! Every cloud has a silver lining. Our turn is coming!

Love and light always 

From just an ordinary full-time employee/ student. 

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#QOTD #58

“The quality of life is based on the authencity of your connections”

~ TayBreezy

I had another thought this morning ya’all, feeling like Dr Phil up in here ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿคฃ. ( I loved Dr Phil BTW)

On the reals though, I honestly do not believe in coincidence. I believe that everything that happens in your life is part of a plan, a plan that’s meant to grow you as a person and to build your character. 

I believe that Life is full circle and that Everything we go through, every person that we meet, is a test and a lesson. How we pass those tests and learn those lessons determine how we spend the days to come. 

Treat everybody you encounter with respect. It really doesn’t cost you anything to just be nice because you really don’t know when you might need that very same “irrelevant” person. God and Murphy have a way sometimes!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying be nice JUST to or in hope of getting something in return, but I am saying generally, what you put in, is what you get out. 

So here’s a thought:

If we had to receive whatever we gave…. wouldn’t we make sure that we give off our best at all times? Well then touche’.

So no, we not saying be fake, if you really don’t like somebody and you’re meant to encounter them, perhaps it’s a reminder of how not to be. Just keep your distance, respectfully , and then keep moving forward.

So the next time you get a friendly smile from a stranger, return it. The next time some random person on social media needs help, offer to help if you’re able. The next time you see a wet floor at work, go around it (we see all of you who have no regard for the cleaning staff). The next time you see an elderly person standing and you’re seated, offer your seat, the next time you go to a super market, remember, the cashier did nothing to you and neither is she obliged to smile at ya, stop feeling entitled. And the next time you witness something wrong or an injustice, speak up and stand for what’s right. This is what being authentic is all about.

We need to remind ourselves of ourselves before we quick to pass judgements on to the next, because the quality of our life is based on how authentic we are with our connections. 

The world needs your sparkle. 

Some say chivalry isn’t dead and I believe them. 

#thoughtfulthursday ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

โค๏ธand๐ŸŒˆ always. 

A random thought,  From just an ordinary girl 

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#QOTD #57

We’ve been quiet with these for the longest of time. I had a thought this morning and when explored, it made so much of sense. A #wisewednesday indeed! 

If happiness is a state of mind. We can safely say that you cant find it (happiness or a state of mind) but can rather create it. Stop trying to find your happiness and start creating it

~ TayBreezy

Makes sense doesn’t it? Far too often I’ve found myself and others saying “I’m finding my happiness” but when you actually sit down and think about what happiness actually is, it’s impossible to find. It’s not a thing you pick off from a super market shelf or that you can find hanging on a wrack, neither is it something that you unwrap from a box or can buy. 

Happiness is all you. 

With that said, I hope you all have an amazing day. Start working on creating your own happiness. You have the power. 

โค๏ธ and ๐ŸŒˆ always. from just an ordinary girl 

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Don’t be basic โŒ

I always have an urge to change things. I have to add abit or T sparkle to even the clothes I wear. Whilst I wish that I had more time to do these things, I have fun when I actually get the chance to transform something into my own. 

In the below post, I will show you how I turned this (I forgot to take a pic of my actual Tshirt ( this is a regular men’s Tshirt from Mr price under 60 bucks)

To this

So I’m going to my God daughters party in a few and I was puzzled ๐Ÿ˜• WRT what am I going to wear. She’s having a Minnie themed party and I have nothing pink or polka-dotty. So, I took to google and found the idea of DIY bleaching and then it just transformed. 

Things that you will need:

  1. Tshirt
  2. Bleach 
  3. Water
  4. Spray bottle
  5. Piece of card board 
  6. Pritt 
  7. Pen
  8. Scissors 
  9. Space 

So, you will firstly need to get a stensil of whatever shape you’d like on your Tshirt, I went with a Disney/Mickey/Minnie shape to match the theme of the party. 

I drew this on normal paper ( used a CD to draw the “face” and a glass bottom to draw the “ears), I would however suggest that you use cardboard instead of paper as, as you can see, the bleach seeped through my stencil and so my shape isn’t as neat, as black and as crisp as it should be. 

You will stick cardboard stencil on your T using pritt. (You can place it, anywhere you want).

In your spray bottle, you will add bleach and a little water. 

Place your T on a wide surface and put another piece of cardboard inside of your tshirt ( to prevent the bleach from seeping through to the back).

Then squirt squirt squirt and watch the magic happen. I was abit impatient, my colour didn’t change straight away and so I rubbed bleach into the tshirt. Please DONT do this, you can see that my “orange colour” is all inconsistent because of this. Leave to dry, or iron it out if you’re impatient like me and vwala! You should then maintain a more consistent bleached look.

It should look something like this, this isn’t mine, it’s a pic I worked off on, from google 

Now, I couldn’t leave this as is, so I got my scissors and got snipper-happy. 

I widened the neck region to sit wider on my shoulders by cutting out the collar. I also cut off the hemmed part of the sleeve ( don’t know what you call it lol) but it’s the end , neat part of the sleeve and did the same with the hemmed, neat part of the bottom of the Tshirt. I wanted a more playful look so I cut “strips” all the way through the bottom of the tshirt, like this:

And that’s the T sparkle ( Tay sparkle) that I added to this plain, old, men’s Tshirt ( I prefer men’s as it’s more of a relaxed fit) but you can use a tshirt of your choice and a colour of your choice. 

I will pair this with a pair of jeans that I ripped. And a pair of black sneakers with two buns in my hair and I’m ready to go! 

Have wonderful Saturday to you all.

โค๏ธ and ๐ŸŒˆ always, from just an ordinary girl ๐Ÿ’‹