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The Issa birthliuoyday boyyyy: 21st edition 

My brother is living proof that unconditional love exists. He is the one person that I can hate, love, fight with and defend all at the same time. 🙄🙈he drives me batty!

But, today he celebrates his 21st birthday and I felt obliged to write a small tribute to him.

Issy, 21 years ago you came into this world…this absolutely adorable little boy, arriving home in his lime coloureds clothes, white as snow and black black hair if I remember correctly… but then? You turned into the thorn amongst the 🥀👿

Growing up with you was so much fun. You being the only boy in the house at the time, and being the baby…aaah pure bliss. 😈

I’ve watched you grow and do all the things boy’s do. And then, when you got older, I started worrying because school started being a struggle for you. 

Fast forward a few years later… and you stand as an extremely talented 👨‍🍳 chef! You will never know just how proud I am of you. It hardly shows at times because 5seconds after I commend you, you make me regret saying every nice thing I’ve ever said to you… what can I say, sigh sibling love. 😏

Whilst I feel you still have TONS of growing up to do ( I wouldn’t be deemed a true older sister if I didn’t through shade) know that I am extremely proud of all your achievements despite some of the battles you’ve faced.

And on this day, I wish you nothing more that all the success in the world. I make dua that you continue working hard and striving towards your dreams. I make dua that you never forget your creator, family and friends who have always been there for you. May Allah’s mercy, bountiful blessings and favour be upon you always. May Allah protect from the viciousness out there and may he calm your heart through every ordeal you may face, inshallah aaameen.

Happy 21st birthday boytjie. It’s time for you to grow up now and start making your bed hehehehehe (more shade) 

Love you tons smilo 

Love, light and some shade from just an ordinary big sis.

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