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#QOTD: Princess edition #1

This weekend I ate and did things that I hardly ever eat or do.

We went to a food night market on Friday, blog to follow soon, and then I slept over at my cousins and watched movies for the rest ( I actually watched more than one movie). 

One of the movies that we rented was the new Smurfs, this just brought out the inner child in me. I LOVE animations. Like, you’d find me watching the Disney channel on the few occasions that I do watch the Telly. 

Anyway, this really brought out the child in me and I figured, why not align it with #QOTD; bringing us simple affirmations and reminders that I can guarantee will be relatable to most.

Over the next few posts, we will be quoting phrases from our Disney Princesses ( because it’s women’s month) and then we will explore some phrases from other Disney characters as well. 

Today’s #QOTD is fitting because it’s so cold and dull in Durban, and it goes: 

Remember, you’re the one that can fill the world with sunshine ☀️ 

~ Snow White 

You know I’m all about purpose and motivation and validation and escalation and all those “tions”. I absolutely agree with Snow White.

You were born with a purpose and that purpose, the world needs to see, hear, feel and even smell (: Never ever forget this. You can very well be the one that brings sunshine to a person’s life, your home, work place or anywhere that you go.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week thus far. 

♥️|🌈 always, from just an ordinary girl