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Queen: I Salute U

Aaah I love my queens! 

My powerful queens, my queens loyal to the queen code! My hard working queens, my queens holding their thrones down all on their own! 
I love my beautiful queens, my original queens , my queens that are okay with staying in their own lane.

I love my queens that are true to themselves, my God-fearing queens, my supportive and elevating queens. My chocolate-eating queens.
I love my one-man queens, my patient queens, my kind and persevering queens. My goal-oriented queens. My imperfect, flaw-filled queens.
I love my soulful queens, my studying queens, my queens who are in touch with their inner-child queens. My sneaker-wearing queens, my non-judgemental queens. My passive queens, my stretch-marked, plus size queens. My no-brushing hair queens. 

I love my talented, good food-loving queens. I love my written and spoken word queens. Oh I love my poetic queens, my corporate queens. My queens staying true to their faith queens. My extra and introvert queens.

I love my community- work doing queens. I mentor queens, my queens nursing and teaching. I love my entrepreneurial queens, my stay@home queens. My dancing, child-bearing queens. My skinny, small built queens!

I love my queens that stay true to their hustle queens. My hijab-wearing queens. My queens leading the nation. God! Thank you for this fine creation.

Queen, I salute you.  You possess power, you’re gem and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Share this with a queen That you love. 

Love and light from just an ordinary queen 👸