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Student 101: Essentials of planning 

Failing to plan is planning to fail 

~ unknown

So after the eventful weekend and a Monday off, it was back to the grind; the chaos, the admin… you know how it goes. 

I also received my study material from the University of South Africa (UNISA). I was so eager to go through everything that as soon as I got home and prepared supper, I dived right into it… 

And then I got so overwhelmed sigh! 

I had to remind self that we’ve been here before and others have too, and they’ve been ok, so we’ll be ok. Self calmed down and then I decided to start working constructively. 

One thing I’ve taken away from the corporate world that brilliantly applies to managing ones studying, is planning. I honestly am guilty of taking this for granted and not giving it the importance it deserves. 

Once you learn to plan, you plan to succeed. You are aware of deadlines, you’re more organized, you are able to manage your time to ensure that whatever needs to be done, gets done.

And so I decided to start with reading through my tutorial letters, marking the assignment pages for each module with little sticky notes and then plotted it on a year planner (UNISA sent me one, you can make one if you don’t have an already printed one) 

I colour coded mine to make it easier to identify what’s due when at first glance and well to make it more colourful (: I then pinned it up on my wardrobe.

I have a key ( as you can see right on top) indicating which colour represents which module. All entries marked with “1” are placed on their respective due dates. These are one of two assignments for each module this semester. All entries marked with 2, are placed on their respective due dates and these are the second assignments due for each module in this semester. 

Finally, all entries marked “exams” are placed on the days that I’m set to write and the times. 

You can plot this on your phone if you’re more tech savvy, jot it in your diary, schedule emails to yourself or set reminders if you will…. just plan (: 

If you would like to adopt a similar method to mine, here’s the things that you would need:

  • Year planner 
  • Sticky notes ( various colours to colour code the various modules)
  • Pair of scissors 
  • Sellotape 
  • Pen
  • Your study material

You could even plot your assignments and exam dates by writing with different colour pens if you wish. It really is up to you. 

Today’s quote is therefore dedicated to the essentials and importance of planning. This may apply to any project, your job or simple goals or simple things that you’d like to do around the house. #justplan

Hope this helps Xx 

Love and light from just an ordinary girl Xx