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#QOTD #55

It’s so important to do everything with love. You often find that when it’s done for any other reason, it’s not as satisfying firstly and secondly…it becomes that much easier to speak about the things we do for others. So not cool. 

My Mar Una used to always say that what the right hand does, the left hand shouldn’t know about. I’m aligning myself ( only now , I know lol) to practice this. 

So today’s quote and my lifeline for the day is inspired by Mother Theresa :

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love…

And for me, that’s the greatest.

So do all things with love and be weary of those who speak of the things that they’ve done for you. It’s often a sign that whatever it is they’ve done , was done for other reasons or against their true will (: 

Love and light always, thoughts from just an ordinary girl 

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