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#QOTD #52

Can we please be a little more considerate than we currently are?

Like can we just not make it about us for a little longer than we currently do?  

You know today I literally walked into “confirmation” that my August pay is gonna be bleak. As if being under an enormous amount of pressure already wasn’t enough. I literally just went numb and got an instant headache from my mind working overtime. 

Then, I get news that my sister and the girls will be visiting from China this December and instantly, my day changed. For those few moments, it wasn’t about me…or my stresses or my August pay…

I then came across this quote and it stood as my life line for today. As my reminder, my savior if you wish. 

Tupac (rap icon) once said 

Everybody’s at war with different things…I’m at war with my own heart sometimes.

I realized that we all going through things, we all have some sought of troubles worrying us and I almost felt selfish for allowing myself to get so consumed with my stuff. 

There is always somebody going through worse than we are. There are people praying for the things we now have. Let this be constant reminder of the importance of being grateful for whatever it is we have.

God knows what he is doing. Thought I’d share this with you and hope it inspires you like how it has me.

❤️ and 🌈  and all things 🍭from just an ordinary girl ✌🏼