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#QOTD #32

I’ve recently taken a step to start studying again, if anything, the process of registering was enough to put me off however, it was one of my goals for this year and I really didn’t want 2017 to be yet another year that I didn’t meet my resolutions.

I studied back in 2011 and did 2 years of Journalism and Media studies. With everything that happened with Mika’il , I didn’t end up completing my diploma and when I went back, the rolling-over period ended. So I couldn’t finish my last year. 

Never the less, as you grow older, you realize just how important studying is, just how important that piece of paper from a tertiary organization is. You learn how important it is to stay afloat of current affairs.

I came across this quote and felt obliged to share it. 

Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave 

~ Prophet Muhamed ( may peace and blessings be upon him) 

This is a message that doesn’t speak to just a religion, but to the whole of mankind. Being as knowledgeable as he (peace be upon him) was, he couldn’t have stressed the importance of education and knowledge more. 

When you learn something new, you automatically feel empowered. You feel a sense of purpose. It enables you to share that new wisdom with those around you and then them with theirs. I can relate to this because recently I’ve started some entry-level blogging courses, nothing fancy! I promise you,  I feel more empowered to share my work now than ever before and that’s because I’ve learnt some fundamentals of doing so and my understanding of the concepts and portal is that much vaster. I even learnt what a widget is 😃something I never knew and understood before. 

When you learn or acquire knowledge, Your perspective changes because you understand and are exposed to more. It really is a win win!

So I say: Let’s make an effort to acquire more knowledge always.

Whether it’s general knowledge, current affairs, new words, learning a new language or about a new religion. Or whether it’s you studying further. 

Knowledge is power and you can never have too much of it.

A– always | S – seek | K– knowledge 

(: let’s get asking! 

Love and light always. From just an ordinary girl 

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