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Laylatul Miraj Mubarak 

The 27th of the 7th month in the Islamic calendar (Rajab) which happens to be tonight, marks an auspicious night  in Islamic history. 

It is the night that the prophet Muhamed PBUH (may peace and blessings be upon him) journeyed from Mecca to the “furthest mosque” in Jerusalem and ascended to the heavens during the evening. 

Allah (God) instructed the Prophet (PBUH) to communicate the obligatory  5 times daily prayers to mankind.

Prophet Muhamed (PBUH) got to see the 7 heavens and hell during this night journey.  It is said that got to meet some of the other prophets like Adam, Moses and Abraham just to name a few ( may peace and blessings be upon them all. This was on his journey through the seven heavens before meeting Allah.

Muslims around the world celebrate this evening by attending lectures and discussions as part of an extension of the evening prayer or, celebrate it privately in their homes by reading the holy Quran and partaking in prayers and salutations to And for God almighty.

The elderly share the teachings of the auspicious night with the young highlighting why this day marks such significance.

May all our efforts to learn more about our seen (faith) and to commemorate special days as today, be recognized by the almighty Allah. By his will and permission.

Ameeen 😊🙏🏼

With that said, Miraj Mubarak to all muslims around the well and hope this was insightful to our non Muslim friends and family ❤️


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