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#PS, I ❤️ you

They say love should not be boastful and love should not be blind.And that love should be patient and love should be kind. 

How ironic, because loving you makes me want to jump up and down, it makes me want to tell the whole world that you’re taken (boastful) and that sharing is not caring when it comes to you because you are MY blessing.(unkind) 

Like the flowers of our Pastel, my wish is for our love to grow just like it, a perfect fit and never to split.

With love and light, enough patience and delight, I want our love to blossom from season to season. It will be our forever lasting twosome with enough understanding and with enough reason.

There will come a time when our flowers will dry out and die. 


with patience , persistence, hard work and some sunshine ☀️ new ones will soon grow. We will reap what we sew. #God # love #patience #communication #loyalty #compromise.

I want our love story to be just like it, through darkness and light, we should be able to withstand it all.

I want us to give new meaning to the word love , not just you sweeping me off my feet,

but you always there to catch me when I fall. 

No sign of defeat. 

May our love be like the ocean. 

Endless with opportunity, both rough and calm but an overall beautiful creation. 
May it be an example of The almighty’s work of art.

You and me, never apart.

#PS , 

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#QOTD #14

It is sometimes so easy to get influenced by the wrong things, the wordly things. It sometimes happens so quickly that you yourself aren’t even aware.

I think this has something to do with how superficial our societies have become. I firmly believe it takes a village to raise a kid and so when the standards of a village/ society drop, It will definitely affect the kids it produces.

I came accross this quote and just smiled, felt like God spoke to me through these words. 

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.

~ the legend himself: Bob Marley 

This is what I’m striving to become; A force that influences people positively.

I want to be remembered for my character and not for or by the number of cars I will drive, the clothes that I wear or the house that I live in.

It can sometimes be so difficult swimming against the current, but I believe that doing the right thing wasn’t ever meant to be easy. #challengeyourself

May the almighty make it easy for us to strive towards all that’s good. By his will and permission 🙏🏼

Love and light from just an ordinary girl