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#QOTD #13

This morning I came accross a 30-day bravery and self-love challenge on Facebook and I was instantly drawn to it. 

What a wonderful initiative! Especially since we all sometimes put a goal 🥅 on hold, get too consumed or just struggle 😓with keeping to them. 
Click Here to join ☺️

Fall seven times, stand up eight

~ Japanese proverb 
THIS is the quote that inspired 💡me today! 

It becomes so easy for us to give up, especially when we’ve attempted something more than once and were unsuccessful in our pursuit. 

Today’s quote is short and sweet. If you are passionate about anything, be prepared to be unsuccessful on many attempts. But NEVER give up on your dream. Perhaps each time we’re attempt it, it’s preparing us to be better at whatever it is we want to accomplish yeah? 

Atleast that’s what I got from that Japanese proverb. It definitely caught my attention and was something I needed to come across, thought I’d share it with you all incase you too are struggling with anything (:
Happy Saturday errbody 

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