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#DFH #22

Dear future husband,

Can I tell you about my day? 

It started off really great, I prayed and read Quran, prayed for safety and made a conscious effort that I will control how I feel by what I think. 

I Got to work with a fresh attitude , the first of anything always symbolizes a fresh start for me! I  Even sent my fellow teamies a motivational email to kickstart the month … and then…

It’s like God was really testing me to see if I was going to practice what I had just preached! I’ve had a day from hell in terms of the cases and escalations I’ve had to deal with today. 

It was horrible, slow torture is even an understatement to describe it. I still kept positive and “just kept swimming” as Dori says we should. 

I then leave work to go to our very first book club meeting, what a joy it was, but only after I scratched my car 💔my very first scratch ☹️and all because I was trying to be ambitious reversing into a parking. Something I’ve been teaching myself to get comfy with.

Our scratch ☹️

I know 💔it could be worse though. 

Nevertheless, we had quite a productive book club meeting, and very received a very special welcome gift ❤️

Dreamers book club book markers ❤️

I ate French fries today which I wasn’t supposed to because I said I will be back to good eating habits come the first of the month! 

Overal, I know it could be way worse and I am still blessed and fortunate to have the things I still have, have good health and even just a place to rest my head. 

That’s my day. I can’t wait to come and listen to yours 

Eagerly await your arrival 

Loads of love,

Your dramatic future wife