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#DFH #19

Dear future husband,

So dad, who is technologically challenged, added me to a whatsapp group called “Way to Jannah”( can I just add how proud and impressed I am with him lol) It’s apparently a group he started where religious scriptures are sent to remind us of how we should be living our lives, connecting with people and just morals and values that muslims should possess. 

I don’t expect you to be dad, but I need to know, would you love me this much that you would encourage me towards righteous living and righteous deeds so that we may see heaven together? 

Would you join me in trying to be the best versions of ourselves and in doing so, become great examples of what our faith needs us to be? Would you join me and include me and enourage me towards such ventures? 

I need you to. 


Your future Godly  wife 


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