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Walk in class,

Walk in faith,

Walk in self validation,

Walk in ambition,

Walk with morals and values,

Walk with kindness,

Walk with a desire to do and be better,

Walk with pride,

Walk with a smile, 

Walk in heels, flats, or even bare foot… but just keep walking towards being better than you were yesterday. 

Walk with unbrushed hair if you will, 

Walk with gratitude,

Walk your walk! 

Walking with Spanks, or

make-up, or

weave or 

eye brows done- up 

…may make the walk seem more glamorous but it’s never been about what you look like walking your path but rather where your path is leading. It’s about balance. 

Queens, dont be a victim of this new superficial culture. Be who you were born to be and not who man wants you to be. Be authentic. Be YOU tiful. Be a queen!

Women are strength personified. We are the mother’s of nations. The power we possess is of a magnitude that no words can describe. Let that sink in! 

Now can we bring queens back please? 

Thank you.

A humble plea, from just an ordinary queen!

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

#DFH #18

Dear future husband,

Yesterday whilst driving I saw the most beautiful thing , a father and son singing along to a song and dancing whilst driving. The dad was really into it and his son was feeding off his energy so beautifully!

I want this. I want us to be our kids’ everything for as long as we can. Can we build this foundation? Play hide and seek and sing along to their favourite songs. Can we tickle them and make them laugh just because. Can we Sit and help them with homework or cook and bake together. Can we take them with when we go out and give back to our community and  Can we show them that life is all about the simple things. 

Can they learn from watching us, how to love and how to be loved? How to respect and be respected and to have courage and be kind? Please? 

Can they love our religion watching how much we love ours,can they learn to honour God, watching us honour him and by watching how we can stand testament to and for our faith? 

I need you to be on same page as I on this.

Looking forward to building our own little empire.

Your future wife