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What is ugly? Who is ugly? Is it a thing? Something you do? Something you eat or drink? 

How does one define ugly, how ironic, because I think the word ugly should only be used to describe itself ; the word ugly.

In a society that is becoming more westernized . We have some how forgotten to focus and see the beauty in things and people. It’s a culture steering us to see how we can use people and love things. It’s superficial and it is fake. It pressurizes the weak to feed into a control system. To look a certain way, act a certain , speak a certain way and it forces one to lose their identity, their reason for existence. It forces one to loose their “x” factor. I mean we are meant to excel and so well, just not to excel or do better than the powers that be right?

Girls thriving to be seen as those on the cover magazines or on Tv. If you don’t look like them, or don’t act like them then you’re ugly? I call #BS!

Who has given anybody the right to even use that word, especially on others. Can somebody explain to me how ugliness is defined or measured? I am so eager to know.

I think if you use the word ugly on people, it would be best suited to describe you as well.

Guys! We really need to start making an effort to appreciate people for who they are and not what they can do for us. Physical appearances should not have the power and impact that it has been granted. It is all temporary. The quicker we learn and accept this, the quicker we can teach our kids this.

I think I need to research where this word was derived from. 

Happy hump day beautiful people!

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

#DFH #5

Dear Future husbdand,

I hope to be as motivating, supportive and inspiring like Michelle is to Barack and it’s ok for you to acknowledge it and reciprocate it. In fact, please do so! 

Hear me when I say, I will honour you.

Anxiously awaiting you, 

Your future wife

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

#DFH #6

Dear future husband, 

Men were born to pursue women! 

I’m free spirited and love to love and boy do I love whole heartedly! 

Please don’t take that for granted and just sit back, I want to be Pursued. Yes, it’s okay to send me roses just because. Or to surprise me with lunch at work  or to plan our date nights sometimes. All these things are things I would do, and oh yes, birthdays are my thing so rest assured surprises you will be getting too!

Thanks in advance.

Your future wife