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More messages dear to my ❤️

You guys know I’m sentimental AF. Coming into the new year reading these…I don’t deserve you all true but appreciate each and every one of you♥

My cousins ❤️

My fellow book wormy❤️
My Lam Lamz 💋
My seshy pooh😍
My Sammy Sam❤
My Shubzah💋
My Tash♥♥
My Lamis 😎
Miss V dub😎
My lulu 💋💃🏻♥
Lady Di 👑
Miss Ernest – aka miss pretty 😍
My paddle pop 😍
Mr Flexboogie himself

Miss Zan 🐝❤
My big bro ❤️
Miss Chinese 🌺❤😍
My slinuna👌🏼♥

You guys rock awesome. So while I sing along , and falsely might I add, just know I love you guys with my all and appreciate the support and love and encouragement