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#DFH #21

Dear future husband,

Tonight I am not my normal, usual bubbly, happy and super energized self. I’m pretty much an emotional  wreck, throwing herself  a pity party whilst finishing Miks book.

Would you stick around and put up with me ? Offer your support by just being there next to me? I really would appreciate it if you would when I have these episodes.

From your emotional future wife 

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

Dear God …๐Ÿ’”

I know that everything happens by your will and I know not to question you. But sometimes I just can’t fathom why some things happen.

This evening I read a story of a mom who lost her son, it brought back all of the emotions that I had when I lost Mika’il and it was at this moment that I knew I probably will never get over losing my son. I write when I’m emotional so if this doesn’t make any sense, please pardon me.

I sit writing this with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, I’ve finally faced completing miks baby book. Something I’ve been putting on hold for years. 

Pages from Miks book โค

I sometimes feel ungrateful when I think of him and cry becAuse you (God) have blessed me in so many ways and i now know just how much you believe in me putting me through all of this and knowing that I will make it through , I’m only saying this because if you knew I wouldn’t make it you wouldn’t have let this happen right? 

I’m sitting here looking at all his ultrasound pictures. My heart is literally breaking into a million pieces yet I am still and remembering all of the logical things to tell myself but I want nothing more than to just punch a wall , or scream and to just break down but then in the same breath I think “what difference would it make” speak about mixed emotions. Is this normal ? What is normal about this God? Is there a “way” us moms supposed to deal with this? I tried forgetting and blocking it all out but that clearly hasn’t helped; I’m sitting here three years later feeling all the pain once again. 

Wouldn’t looking at these make you feel the same way? 

Miks foot print โค๏ธ
Mik sucking his thumb
Facing the ๐ŸŽฅ for mum
Him resting in peace ๐Ÿ’”

Mums who have lost their kids, I don’t know your story and can’t tell you how brave you are if you’re still here reading this; the strength that is you. I still to this day only wonder what he would be like, who he would look like, what his favourite food would have been or where his favourite place to visit would be. I still wonder , till this day, what his favorite toy would have been or how he would look when he just wakes up or what his favourite pjs would be. I still wonder how my life would have been if he were still here. I still wonder.

I can’t tell you what has helped me cope or that things will get better because I’ve pretty much winged getting through these passed three years. 

I can however, tell you that God has faith in you if he is trusting you with this burden. He knows you’re stronger than you think you are. 

I can also tell you that you’re courageous. It’s a pain I don’t think anybody can describe and to beable to just live through day by day takes a hell of a lot.

Dear God , bless the very many mums and dads who have witnessed the loss of their kids. Strengthen them and be their peace. Amen ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ 

An emotional post 

From just an ordinary mum 

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Being muslim

… oh but what an honour!

Being Muslim does not mean perfection, we sin too…But it does mean progress; making sure we’re better than we were yesterday and always striving on the path of our creator.

Being Muslim doesn’t mean we compromise our religion to fit our lifestyle, no! It means adjusting our  lifestyle to honour and follow our religion.

Being Muslim does not mean dictatorship, it’s all about leading by example. Yes, by our actions we want people to inquire who and what we are.

Being Muslim does not mean that we don’t follow or that we are against Jesus (Peace and blessing be upon him) , being muslim means we love Jesus PBUH but as a prophet and not the son of God or God himself.

Being Muslim does not mean war, it means standing up for what’s right. 

Being Muslim does not mean that we worship GodS. We worship God and God alone, we bare witness that there is no God besides himself and that Muhammed PBUH  is in indeed his messenger. 

Being Muslim doesn’t mean fashion, scarves, make up or physical beauty, it means simplicity, modesty and beauty of the heart. 

Being Muslim does not mean we oppress women, instead , we hold them in such high regard that we demand respect for them (us) we dress and behave in a certain way so that men will not look at us as though we’re a piece of something to eat. God is indeed great. 

Being Muslim does not mean that we look down upon others, if anything it demands us to uplift each other, the poor, the sick, the rich and irrespective of colour, race, creed or religion. Charity is one of the 5 pillars that make up the faith of Islam.

So the next time you switch on the Telly and are being brainwashed to believe the opposite or the bad, ask a Muslim friend or research the religion and you will see the Devine purpose and intention of this faith

May peace and blessings be upon you always. 

A post from just an ordinary muslim girl.

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#DFH #20

Dear future husband,

I don’t need your ego, your attitude , your immaturity, your fakeness or even your money. I don’t need your empty promises, high hopes, disrespect or to be a thing on your list of things to do. 

I need your realness, your support, your views , your communication. I need your protection , your attention and your heart. I need your loyalty, your prayers, to be honoured and to be your priority. 

I am not settling. 

A demand, a polite one might I add ๐Ÿ˜Š

From your future, no-nonsense-taking wife.

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

#DFH #19

Dear future husband,

So dad, who is technologically challenged, added me to a whatsapp group called “Way to Jannah”( can I just add how proud and impressed I am with him lol) It’s apparently a group he started where religious scriptures are sent to remind us of how we should be living our lives, connecting with people and just morals and values that muslims should possess. 

I don’t expect you to be dad, but I need to know, would you love me this much that you would encourage me towards righteous living and righteous deeds so that we may see heaven together? 

Would you join me in trying to be the best versions of ourselves and in doing so, become great examples of what our faith needs us to be? Would you join me and include me and enourage me towards such ventures? 

I need you to. 


Your future Godly  wife 


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Walk in class,

Walk in faith,

Walk in self validation,

Walk in ambition,

Walk with morals and values,

Walk with kindness,

Walk with a desire to do and be better,

Walk with pride,

Walk with a smile, 

Walk in heels, flats, or even bare foot… but just keep walking towards being better than you were yesterday. 

Walk with unbrushed hair if you will, 

Walk with gratitude,

Walk your walk! 

Walking with Spanks, or

make-up, or

weave or 

eye brows done- up 

…may make the walk seem more glamorous but it’s never been about what you look like walking your path but rather where your path is leading. It’s about balance. 

Queens, dont be a victim of this new superficial culture. Be who you were born to be and not who man wants you to be. Be authentic. Be YOU tiful. Be a queen!

Women are strength personified. We are the mother’s of nations. The power we possess is of a magnitude that no words can describe. Let that sink in! 

Now can we bring queens back please? 

Thank you.

A humble plea, from just an ordinary queen!

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#DFH #18

Dear future husband,

Yesterday whilst driving I saw the most beautiful thing , a father and son singing along to a song and dancing whilst driving. The dad was really into it and his son was feeding off his energy so beautifully!

I want this. I want us to be our kids’ everything for as long as we can. Can we build this foundation? Play hide and seek and sing along to their favourite songs. Can we tickle them and make them laugh just because. Can we Sit and help them with homework or cook and bake together. Can we take them with when we go out and give back to our community and  Can we show them that life is all about the simple things. 

Can they learn from watching us, how to love and how to be loved? How to respect and be respected and to have courage and be kind? Please? 

Can they love our religion watching how much we love ours,can they learn to honour God, watching us honour him and by watching how we can stand testament to and for our faith? 

I need you to be on same page as I on this.

Looking forward to building our own little empire.

Your future wife 


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#DFH #17

Dear future husband,

I believe this with everything in me. I hope you’re honouring your mum; heaven lies under her feet. 

I need you to honour her and make sure she is ok because then I will know you’re worthy of loving me and my mum. I want you to beable to love my mum as your own because I want to love yours as mine. 

I want to tell people about my mum in law with grace and pride and not complain about ” my monster in law”. 

I want us to honour our own and each other’s together. This doesn’t mean that they should be all up in our biz. No! 

Can you come share that life of royalty with me already. 

Loads of love 

Your future wife 

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

#DFH #16

Dear future husband, 

I can be a melomaniac at times; after God, music is a “go-to” place me for and then writing. Please don’t ever feel like you’re inadequate! 

You will learn that I am appreciative of any effort put into making me smile or feel better. It is the simple things that my heart is after.

What would make me real happy is after that long hug and “baby we’re gonna be ok” and after us praying together, for you to rap along to Tupac, J cole, common or even Yasiin Bey with me…just to vent and crack up in laughter. I would appreciate more if we sing along to keyshia or Whitney.

Would this be much to ask?

Know that  I would do it with and for you any day if it would make you feel better. Would play PlayStation or watch sports or even just sit and do nothing and be quiet ( the hardest thing for me, but I’d do it for you lol) if it would make you feel better. 

Sigh, can you come already? 


Your future wife