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♥ My friends are better than yours ♥

My mother always told me to choose my friends wisely. Growing up I never understood why and would often get so angry when she’d tell me she didn’t like some of the people’s I’d be chilling with. 

But what an important lesson! I think one that every parent should teach their kids. 

They say that you are who you hang around with. That makes me loyal, kind, real, honest, goal orientated, God fearing, cray cray, imperfect, and gosh the list can go on. I’m all of the above because the people in my circle are all of the above. 

In a life where I tend to get a lot of things messed up and wrong, I can safely say that God has my back because he blessed me with the best friends ever. Friends who encourage me to be me all the time, friends who lead me towards God, who accept my flaws and help me embrace it. Friends who keep it real with me all the time and who are not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong. Friends who will literally sacrifice anything to be there for me. Friends who will encourage my cray cray when need be, who will literally dance in the rain with me without me even asking.  God if ever I am ungrateful, I am so sorry!

What more can a woman possibly ask for, Knowing that no matter what life has in store for me, I have friends who I know will be there with me every step of the way. Speak about blessings on blessing. 

To my peoples, you know who you all are. My circle may be small but really it is all that I need. 

 Thank you so much for everything you guys do for me and without me even saying, you guys always just know what to do or say to make me snap out of shit and get back to reality! I appreciate each and every single one of you and how you guys never allow me to settle or lower my standards or even when I do, how you guys never judge me for it, how you guys never allow me to wallow in my sorrows. You guys just rock awesome. It’s amazing how we are all becoming connected because we are all so alike. Making the circle beeeegar lol.

May the almighty bless you all and put the means in me to shed a brighter light in yourls lives! 

I love you all. And to my parents, I will forever be grateful to you guys for the morals and values instilled in me. To my creator, time and time again I have failed you but your love and mercy is so bountiful, because you keep showing me just how blessed I am in every situation where it would seem I’m at a loss. 

So as we get ready to end this year, mine will end off with gratitude and me being Ray Charles to all the other BS.

A heartfelt thank you from just an ordinary friend. ❤❤❤