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Happy Birthday to my day one 

They say that a strong friendship doesn’t need conversation everyday. As long as the relationship stays in the heart, true friends will never grow apart. I look at our friendship and can definitely concur. 

Happy born day by beautiful sister friend. Today I wanna take a moment to express my gratitude towards you. I consider myself so lucky having you as a friend because whenever it mattered, you’ve always been there for me, encouraging me to do and be better, consoling me when I was literally falling apart. Being as sentimental as I am you know that just that means the world to me and more. 
Thank you Stephs for always being there, for always being real and sincere. In a world where everything is superficial and based on eyebrows and hair extensions, a friendship like ours seems foreign!l and impossible but here we are killing it! 

My wish for you, now and always, is for God be always be your number 1. May he bestow his mercy, blessings, favor and protection upon you and your life always. May you continue growing and striving like you have been and may we grow old together 😂Amen.

Never let anybody dull your sparkle my friend. So on your birthday, let us all celebrate you! Hope you have a day nearly as amazing as you are. 

Love you now and always

A birthday wish from just an ordinary friend