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A woman’s worth 

This is for the all the ladies out here.

I’ve recently been exposed to a situation that tested me. 

In it’s all I was appaulled at how women can turn on women because of insecurities.

Don’t get me wrong, we not perfect, I mean I judge and then feel bad about it, I act on emotion and not logic heck I sometimes even say eff life and just enjoy. I make wrong choices, I rise and I fall time and time again.

But when it comes down to handling an issue, I can proudly say that I no longer look to blame others especially not my fellow women, and I look to see how I could have handled a situation better and deal with the actual problem and not with the easiest target.

It’s so sad to see that we expect our male colleagues, husbands , boyfriends or even brothers to respect us yet we (women) ourselves bring each other down and more so infront of them (men). Making it ok for them to talk down on us because we do it to ourselves. Walk into a salon, you only hear women scandling, go to a function, you only see women talking about how “her”dress is so pathetic or “Gawsh, look at how she carries on” or see a women doing well and you hear ” she forgets where she comes from” or “she slept her way to the top” no man! It needs to stop. All of it.

How do we expect men to respect us if we can’t respect ourselves. Your husband is having an affair? Deal with him, she only went as far as he allowed her to go. Don’t lower yourself and want to fight with the other women… her karma will come because life is full circle. 

Your boyfriend is chatting to other women, sought him out or leave. It’s simple. Don’t ask to meet at the library or after school because you want to doeks her up. Value yourself!

It’s sad that us women feel the need to make our presence known. What ever happened to using your actions to influence others or to valuing ourselves to the point that we couldn’t care less if our presence is felt or not. Come on ladies. 

Yes we will always have that cattish streak in us, we’re probably born with it, but like every other bad habit, we can train ourselves out of it.

I may not be Gods best servent , I have definitely wronged people but I can safely say that I am a queen in my own right and my wish is to influence the world , more so women, through words and action. Whether you believe it, agree to it, laugh at it, despise it… it’s all on you.

We birthing nations ladies, we have daughters growing up and learning from us and sons as well, let us expose them to self worth, to grace , to morals and values and to self validation. 

A women’s worth should not lie in what she wears or in another women’s insecurities… it should lie within.

You want to be valued, value yourself first, you want to be worthy, be worthy of yourself and own standards first! 

A random though my from just an ordinary girl.