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The queen was born today

50 years ago on this very day a queen was born;  a force to be reckoned with was created. A go- getter, no-nonsense and the true definition of real was born. My mother was born! 

I feel so blessed having the honour of being your daughter, whilst life has thrown me some horrible curveballs, I look at your heart and ability to love so hard and remember just how blessed I am. 

It is apparent that I don’t know the journey you’ve walked to get to where you are but know that I respect it and I respect you.  I may not be the perfect child and my mouth sometimes just goes off without thinking but know that you will forever be my queen! Nobody can ever and will ever take your place.

My dua is for Allah to put the means in me to love and respect and honour you the way that you should be. May every tear that has ever fallen from your eyes create rivers for you in Jannah. May Allah ta Allah bless you with a long, Barakat filled, happy, healthy life inshallah!

May all your hearts desires come true. May any hurt or pain be removed from your heart and may you be peaceful and happy always. 

May Allah ta Allah make you one of his beloved servants and may he make the next half of the century easier and more rewarding than the last. By his mercy , permission and will aaameeen. 

I love you for ever and always and I hope you have a wonderful day nearly as wonderful as you are.