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“It takes a village to raise a child”

I urge to you all to please read up on the Bright star mentorship programme. You can do so by clicking HERE but please continue to read on and hopefully you will join our villageπŸ’‹

I could not help but tear up being in the presence of our little  bright stars today. Kids are an absolute blessing! 

Today we celebrated our annual bright star mentorship celebration. And as always, my inspiration “rev counter” went from 0 to 220 after spending the day with the remarkable and phenomenal people that joined us.

Today I was reassured that I can change the world simply by changing my thought process.  Now watch me go out there and change it.

I needed this event more than it needed me. After the week I had with a blast from the past, mixed emotions and some heart ache, this reminded me just how blessed I am. How my struggles are so irrelevant to the struggles of others. Today I learnt that going through a struggle isn’t in it’s all a bad thing, it isn’t a curse but it’s actually a blessing and so I’m gonna push through like I have all these years.

The Bright star mentorship programme has provided healing for not just kids coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, it helps to heal even us as mentors going through our own thing. 

Spending just an hour of your time a week but having such an impact on the lives of our kids; who mind you are soon going to be our leaders, What an honour. God must really love us for choosing us, out of the millions of people on this earth, to do his work.

The bright star mentorship programme produces “wholemakers” yeap! We make whole to what has been damaged and we do so through love, time, passion and effort. 

To all the wonderful mentors, programme organizers, guests and the precious kids, thank you for making my heart smile. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to have a reality check, thank you for turning me into the women I am meant to be so that one day I too will invest in my own kids and so one day I can be courageous and kind changing the world one child at a time. 

I am going to ask you to please consider joining us by becoming a mentor, however, we understand if you cannot right now. If time is an issue and if you would like to contribute,  please consider  just R100 pm so that this mentorship programme can continue running. 

You are welcome to message me for more details and I will gladly refer you to the correct people that facilitate this programme. 

if you are unable to do either or, please may I ask that you pay it forward by sharing this link or BC so that we can get this to as many people as we possibly can. 

“It takes a village to raise a child” 

With love and well wishes.

A plea from just an ordinary girl πŸ’‹

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A woman’s worthΒ 

This is for the all the ladies out here.

I’ve recently been exposed to a situation that tested me. 

In it’s all I was appaulled at how women can turn on women because of insecurities.

Don’t get me wrong, we not perfect, I mean I judge and then feel bad about it, I act on emotion and not logic heck I sometimes even say eff life and just enjoy. I make wrong choices, I rise and I fall time and time again.

But when it comes down to handling an issue, I can proudly say that I no longer look to blame others especially not my fellow women, and I look to see how I could have handled a situation better and deal with the actual problem and not with the easiest target.

It’s so sad to see that we expect our male colleagues, husbands , boyfriends or even brothers to respect us yet we (women) ourselves bring each other down and more so infront of them (men). Making it ok for them to talk down on us because we do it to ourselves. Walk into a salon, you only hear women scandling, go to a function, you only see women talking about how “her”dress is so pathetic or “Gawsh, look at how she carries on” or see a women doing well and you hear ” she forgets where she comes from” or “she slept her way to the top” no man! It needs to stop. All of it.

How do we expect men to respect us if we can’t respect ourselves. Your husband is having an affair? Deal with him, she only went as far as he allowed her to go. Don’t lower yourself and want to fight with the other women… her karma will come because life is full circle. 

Your boyfriend is chatting to other women, sought him out or leave. It’s simple. Don’t ask to meet at the library or after school because you want to doeks her up. Value yourself!

It’s sad that us women feel the need to make our presence known. What ever happened to using your actions to influence others or to valuing ourselves to the point that we couldn’t care less if our presence is felt or not. Come on ladies. 

Yes we will always have that cattish streak in us, we’re probably born with it, but like every other bad habit, we can train ourselves out of it.

I may not be Gods best servent , I have definitely wronged people but I can safely say that I am a queen in my own right and my wish is to influence the world , more so women, through words and action. Whether you believe it, agree to it, laugh at it, despise it… it’s all on you.

We birthing nations ladies, we have daughters growing up and learning from us and sons as well, let us expose them to self worth, to grace , to morals and values and to self validation. 

A women’s worth should not lie in what she wears or in another women’s insecurities… it should lie within.

You want to be valued, value yourself first, you want to be worthy, be worthy of yourself and own standards first! 

A random though my from just an ordinary girl. 

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

The queen was born today

50 years ago on this very day a queen was born;  a force to be reckoned with was created. A go- getter, no-nonsense and the true definition of real was born. My mother was born! 

I feel so blessed having the honour of being your daughter, whilst life has thrown me some horrible curveballs, I look at your heart and ability to love so hard and remember just how blessed I am. 

It is apparent that I don’t know the journey you’ve walked to get to where you are but know that I respect it and I respect you.  I may not be the perfect child and my mouth sometimes just goes off without thinking but know that you will forever be my queen! Nobody can ever and will ever take your place.

My dua is for Allah to put the means in me to love and respect and honour you the way that you should be. May every tear that has ever fallen from your eyes create rivers for you in Jannah. May Allah ta Allah bless you with a long, Barakat filled, happy, healthy life inshallah!

May all your hearts desires come true. May any hurt or pain be removed from your heart and may you be peaceful and happy always. 

May Allah ta Allah make you one of his beloved servants and may he make the next half of the century easier and more rewarding than the last. By his mercy , permission and will aaameeen. 

I love you for ever and always and I hope you have a wonderful day nearly as wonderful as you are. 

community work, Love, life & everything's else in between, motivation and inspiration, personal

She turns 13 πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Today we celebrated my mentee, Mbali’s, 13th birthday πŸŽ‰ 

Happy birthday sweetheart! May Gods richest blessings be upon you always! 

Thank you for the wonderful year we’ve had together, your charismatic personality together with that gorgeous smile reminds me each week how blessed I  am to have you in my life. 

May you always remain as ambitious and kind as you are! Only you would make me a card on your birthday πŸ’‹

My family ( yes you’re family lamz)Today was simply amazing. Thank you all for coming out and making Mbali’s day as special as she is, for all the wonderful gifts but mostly yourls time and interaction with her. I could never have done this without you guys and am so grateful for the support.  

Mum and dad , on yourls only day off, Kasi for coming out and spending the day with us, I know you guys did this because you know how important it was for me to make her day special and Kasi for her beautiful gift.

Fathi and Dosie, Kasi for sacrificing yourls time and for the beautiful gift as well. I appreciate all that you guys do and also appreciate that you guys support me through this mentorship programme journey. The world can be changed by one good deed at a time and with family like you all, no doubt it can πŸ’‹

Lamia! Words fail me because you also have supported me as a mentor from day one. Shukran for always being there when I need you and for Mbali’s beautiful gift! I hope that she can take away lessons by just witnessing these simple little acts that I expose her to. 

My eela , affy and leelo, I know I can always depend on you kids to brighten up anyday! I look at yourl and love how you all can love and accept freely. May you guys always go through life and see the world through these same eyes; free of prejudices of all kinds.

The William Clark children’s home and the house mothers, thank you for providing a home, love and care to our mentees. Not only do you keep their dreams alive but you guys mould them and equipt them to be the best that they can be.

Lastly, to the Peace agency, thank you guys for awarding me the opportunity to join your mentorship programme. I had tons of concerns walking into this but you guys have been so supportive and I can now understand what you guys meant when you said it is more a blessing for us as the mentor. The work you guys do is amazing and I will forever do my part to ensure that it is recognized. 

May the almighty bless you all abundantly and multiply yourls rizik, Favour and blessings inshallah Ameen! 

Fun was had and as I always say… if you can be anything in this world, be kind.

Love and well wishes 

From just an ordinary mentor.

Love, life & everything's else in between, personal

Cooking with Chad Le Clos

Not so long ago, I posted up about how one can use their pain to fuel their gain and how I was awarded the opportunity to write my  Discovery Vitality#personbest story. If you haven’t read the post you can read it by clicking Here.

Yesterday, we finally got to “claim” our prize; an all expense paid trip to the JHB  Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio to cook with Chad Le Clos and his amazing dad. 

OH. MY.HAT we had such an amazing time! 

A selfie just because

Amy and I had a ball from the moment we got to the King Shaka International airport. 

Amy and I checked in @king Shaka international airport

We made sure that we made the best of this opportunity and all of the pics will probably confirm that we’ve done so. 

Random selfies in the sky
View from the top
Lazy landing #touchdownJozi

From the moment we entered JHB we had a ball, the Gau train experience, seeing our Discovery offices in JHB, cooking with Chad and just mingling. It was all too beautiful.

Yeaaaappp… behind us is the gautrain rails 😁

Krispy Kreme

The Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio is amazing guys! I will encourage that if ever you want to be healthy ( don’t you judge my Krispy Kreme visit ok) and want to have a “master chef” experience….book a cooking course! You guys will not regret it! 

HealthyFood studio
Chad and all of us
The food we cooked
Cray cray kitchen selfies
Amy and I and Chad
I, Amy and Chads dad, Uncle Bert
Us and the chefs
Cooking demonstration
Chad with “The Chad salad” that Amy and I prepped

Although all good things have to come to an end, the experience  will forever remain imprinted in my heart. 

Our sad faces because we had to leave #sigh

To Chad and his dad, thank you guys for sharing the morning with us and not just being there but interacting and mingling with us all! Meeting you two and just watching the relationship you guys have was an absolute honour.

To the Discovery Vitality and the marketing team, you guys were amazing! Thank you so much for awarding us this opportunity and being so supportive throughout our journey! Not only did we get to cook with The Chad and his dad, but we got to meet fellow colleagues that we interact with but would probably have never met, we gained cooking knowledge and we had a ball. You guys rock awesome! 

To the chefs at the HealthyFood Studio, you guys are amazing! I’ve learnt so much from being with you guys for those 2hours; cooking techniques, recipes and flavours! I can tell you guys have answered your callings because the passion you possess is so addictive.

Amy, this journey was all the more exciting because you embraced it with me! Thank you for the wonderful company and the crazy moments! This is one that goes down in the books for sure. Lenel and Naffy, for making it all the more special.

So that was my trip in a nut shell. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and stay real! 

Posted by just an ordinary girl.