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Getting to see my baby🙏🏼☝️️

Ever since Mika’il has passed on, I’ve only been to his grave site once. Yeah yeah you can call me a bad mum, sometimes I feel as though I am.

Mika’il is buried in JHB and I’m in DBN, it’s no excuse but I sometimes use that as an excuse to tell myself it’s ok if I don’t go. I think I really just am scared to break down all over again. 

I’ve finally started preparing to see my boytjie.  I’m gonna be road tripping to JHB and will be going to see my baby. I’m hoping that it will be a lot less emotional than the previous time I went. 

I’m nervous but almost excited, gonna get to see my bubas grave, water it, clean it, make dua for him in just #52 days and counting. 

Ya Allah, you be my strength❤️

Posted by just an ordinary mum. 


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