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I’m expecting…

I’m expecting you and those close to me to mind your own business.
A few days ago a few friends and I were having a general conversation.  One of the topics of discussion was how society is quick to mind other people’s business and well tonight I fell victim to that.

” When are  you getting married?” 

” Do you have a boyfriend” 

“When are you having a baby?” 

” Time is running out…”

Lol…why thank you for watching my ovaries! #not

How often have you been asked these? And how often do you think to yourself ” well that’s a very personal question to ask” … Don’t know about you but for me it’s happened  way waaaay too often.

I personally think that these questions are so insensitive as in most cases, the people asking are often folk not close to you. 

Who says it’s okay to be asking such? How do we know that that very question is not an emotional trigger for the person we’re asking…?

 Has it ever occurred to you that if a person wanted a boyfriend, baby or to get married they would have by now and that there’s probably personal barriers not allowing them to do so?? 

Moral of the story is that we don’t know what other people go through and what may seem ok for us to ask, actually isn’t when you want to be asking things of personal nature. 

Think of others before wanting to feed your curiosity. It is rude and insensitive. If you really wanna know how a person is doing, ask them and wait for them to share your their personal stories with you. 

It really does put an immense amount of unnecessary pressure on the person you’re asking as in most cases they are not pregnant, married or in a relationship for a reason! Or… Maybe they just not ready and don’t need you or anybody make them feel less of a person because they aren’t. 

So let’s be merry, mind our own business and stop being forward.

Ok, now I can breathe and enjoy the rest of my Tuesday evening.

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