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We are all leaders 

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” Italian proverb. 

This speaks volumes! Religiously, we are governed to share knowledge. I’ve always had the sentiment that in order to be empowered, you need to empower. 

I firmly believe that we were put on this earth to help each other like some people are more fortunate than others INORDER to help those less fortunate. 

Life is no competition or race and that’s what we, especially the younger generations, need to understand. Life is a journey, it’s a test, it’s about the lessons learnt and taught, it’s about the ups and the downs, the laughs and the cries, the pains and gains, the people, the seasons, experiences, it’s about God! 

I, personally, am in no competition with anybody else. I believe we are all destined to go different paths for a reason and where we can help each other we should! Even in the work place!!!! 

We need to learn to stop looking at what others have been blessed with and start being grateful for our own. When we learn to do just that…will we then beable to share whatever we can to make the next persons journey easier.

May we all use our experiences to help ourselves and anybody else out there …and remember it’s not always about having a monetary value behind it…time, a kind word, gesture or even smile can lift anybody’s spirit. 

#leaveYOURmark, wearYOURsmile,makeYOUR difference#LightYOURcandle.

See you all at the winning line ❤️❤️

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