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You are enough 

If you can relate to, or have been where “we” need to get. Scroll down and share your thoughts. We always love hearing from you. Fella’s we’d love to hear your views on this as well.

This morning I had one of THEE most refreshing and motivating conversations with a friend of the family which I refer to as Aunty Ghai. 

Basically she told me that the husband I marry next ( there was only one before this lol) will be the luckiest man to walk this earth and that I will make a superb wife by the almighty’s permission. 

For someone who is learning to love themselves, this was so refreshing and also daunting because generally us folk can’t accept compliments or rather we don’t know how to.

2016 has been the year of lessons for me and one of the most important lessons I am learning is that “I am enough” and that God made no mistakes when he made me. I am also learning to accept that in order to love anybody else, I need to love myself and in order to love myself, I need to love God. 

Here’s why: 

When you love God, you understand that you were created for a Devine purpose, you understand that you are tested individually because God has lessons he needs to teach YOU. You start working on yourself to meet his expectation and in doing so, you put yourself first when need be and learn to love yourself when you see just how much God loves you.

When you really feel like you’re worth it and that you are loved, you will automatically want those around you to feel the exact the same.

Isn’t it weird how us extroverts are actually softies in reality? I can mix with many and be centre of attention very easily, yet with all that I have been through, I am actually very soft, at heart. 

I wouldn’t say me being “out there” is a front BUT it does make me feel in control as in people will only know what I am willing put out there for them to know. That is why when any potential relationships come along, I tend to become different and paranoia takes over me because now folk be getting too close. 😂

In my journey of self reconstruction, I’ve learnt that when I start accepting me for me and stop being insecure about things, like my weight, people will automatically treat me in the same regard and with that level of respect. And then when anybody gets too close, it wouldn’t be as bad because I know I am worthy and that I am enough. 

This is where I need to get. And I am working towards it. Currently reading a beautiful book about self affirmations and I will definitely do a review once I’m done. It has helped ALOT.

Remember:  that you are worthy and you are enough! 

Have you been where I am now? Do you share or can relate to the things I’m trying to do now? Leave a comment below and let us help each other be bigger and better than we’ve ever been.

Fellas you’re welcome to join in on the convo

Post by just an ordinary girl.

5 thoughts on “You are enough ”

  1. Tas you just post the right things at the right time.. Whenever I read a post of yours, it almost always hits home.. I’ve learnt the journey to self discovery, is one of the most important journeys I’ll ever take.. So that is why I will take my time along this journey, to make sure, I learn from every pit stop along the way.. I’ve also learnt to accept that it’s not going to be an easy one and that every obstacle along the way, is just there to make me stronger.. ❤


  2. Hey Tassy. I think your post is so powerful. I’m sure there are many young women out there that would relate. I certainly felt like I was there once. And it wasn’t because of a particular traumatic event or failed relationship. I definitely discovered that I was there because of numerous trials I faced. Being contemporary young women with old-fashioned beliefs, making it for ourselves in a fast-paced world and still knowing how to chill, one would think we would be filled with self-pride. Yet, even though everyone close to me makes me feel loved and beautiful, I felt like I wasn’t measuring up for me. A very few dear souls helped me through my tough time, made me see it is ok to put myself first, that I am beautiful by God’s standards and that I am good enough, lovely enough, important enough. We should not seek to find our identity in someone else, we should only strive to find ourselves through God. Yes I still have days were I look and feel like a wreck (to me) but I know I am loved and favoured and words like yours offer just the right amount of encouragement. We are enough- love it!😘


    1. Indeed we are paurusa, I’m am so happy reading your post and sure as dam well hopeful. I’m still on that journey but I’m glad I started. In a world filled with superficial minds it becomes daunting to try and go against the status quo without conforming… But it isn’t impossible and I am ready for the challenge. You are beautiful beyond measure and in the short time of knowing you, I can relate to your beautiful soul. Hell dam yeah we are enough!


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