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I need help guys…

Having had one of the toughest emotional weeks last week. I have this constant urge, almost like a voice at the back of my head asking ” what are you doing?” ” what is your purpose?”. 

I feel as though I need to sit and think about what I have been put on this earth to do.

Growing up everybody knew I had the “brains” and had the ability to do and become literally anything because of my knack to catch onto things so quickly. 

What was sad in all of this is that I didn’t believe in myself! Today I sit as a Client Relationship Manager for the biggest medical aid company in South Africa yet I still feel as though I haven’t fulfilled my purpose. 

I started but didn’t finish my degree in Journalism and Media studies. And almost feel as though ” I just settled” and whilst iv accomplished a lot, I feel that I have the potential to do and be so much more…

Question is where does one start? How do I go back to the drawing board and decide what it is  supposed to be doing? I’m 26, surely by now I needed to have some sought of tertiary level certificate to my name.

Part of me believes that I am where God needs me to be and that I am grateful for but the other also feels that I could be so much more. 

I always see myself as somebody that would be making significant differences in the world. A radio or Tv personality or even an author. I love writing, I love people, I love making a difference but I’ve now learnt that you need more than just love. 

Where does one begin? How does one “get back up” how do you decide what you should be studying and leaving work to study isn’t an option because well of the bills to pay! 

Have any of you ever been where I am? Have you managed to find a way to answer the many questions? 

I need help guys…!