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Life lessons: Gran edition

Some of the lessons my Ma Una taught me it, both by advise and her actions, is what I live by today. 

These lessons have seen me through the darkest moments life had to offer me and has molded me into the being that I am today,

They are: 

• Walk with grace 

• People give you nothing, be real.

• Always have faith 

• Fake no lovers, buy no friends

• When anything goes wrong, turn to God or…food! 

• The less you speak, the more you actually say! 

• What the right hand does the left hand shouldn’t know about. 

• How much you is how much you don’t know.

•Don’t be a mime; always show people that you are one better.

• Don’t dwell in pain, let it become your teacher by letting go and letting God.

• Charity starts at home.

• And lastly, it costs you nothing to be nice.

Juma Mubarak Almal and happy Friday!!!

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