Looks over character

Ladies? Do you feel the same? Fella’s am I maybe missing something?

Yesterday I posted a couple of selfies of a friend and I after a beautiful day spent together.

Every other time I post up pics, I often get DM’s which start out as general convoz. Now I’m always down for a convo coz I firmly believe that not all guys will chat you up just to get something out. I believe, just like myself, that there are guys and girls who just love speaking to and meeting new folk.

What was disturbing was that most of the guys asked me for a picture of myself after not even 10 lines into the convo….

For me, that is a HUGE put off! Here’s why:

  • You chatting to me on a social network platform, my profile is open…what pic could you possibly want?
  • What are you going to determine by receiving a pic a full length pic of me?
  • I hardly ever post up full length pics because I’m a selfie queen and those who matter and know me, know that I’m a plus size one too.
  • What ever happend to knowing people for who they are rather than what they look like or how many curves they have?
  • It’s degrading and superficial and I don’t associate myself with such folk ( you are who you hang around with) 
  •  I could just be melodramatic but oh well.

The one  asked: ” do you have cute toes”…is this the norm and am I maybe living in the stone ages…where character takes presidence over everything.

It makes no sense. Are these the guys that we really have outya? The ones that want trophey gfs to show off to their homie’s?  Or  ones that would only initiate a convo if you match their physical criteria?

Fella’s?  I would love to get you’lls take on this one. Why is it so important? Are looks gonna help you pay the bills or comfort you when you down and out? Or,  are you only on social media to chat to perfectly – figured pretty girls? OR…am I just totally not getting it? 

I’ve never been one to pretend or to befriend superficial folk. I keep it 100 all the time and maybe I just expect folk to be the same. 

The moral of the story is: Ask me for a pic of myself before meeting me and chances are you will be deleted. Is this harsh of me and do maybe I have issues?

So Ladies, let’s hear? Do you feel the same? Fella’s, am I just being daft and melodramaric? Share your thoughts or comments below.

Posted by: just an ordinary girl.

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