My vote is not yours. 

This post is not meant to ruffle any feathers or offend anybody. I know it might but frankly I don’t care…

I’ve been seeing alot of hate speech and judgement’s being passed  on social media as the country is preparing for local government elections scheduled to take place on 3 August 2016.

I figured I’ll just add my 2cent’s piece coz im just in awe of some of the updates I’ve read.

So, I’ve noticed a lot of  people calling out others because of the CHOICE they are making regarding who THEY are planning to vote for.

Mainly, ANC folk are quick to judge and call out people who openly say that they are voting for the DA or EFF or whoever. 

Apparently, most of the ANC supporters will never vote for the DA because they are “white” ( this is what I often hear people say)  and well EFF is just…. EFF!

It really is quite ironic because us people of colour are mostly and mainly always quick to pull the race card ( from personal experience) but we are still chained down and enslaved by our racist mindsets.

Dude! Like firstly,  you can’t go around insulting people because of a choice they want to make! Guide them, help them and try to healthly change their minds if voting for another party is that detrimental. 

If you cant do that and stick to judging, speaking-down upon and insulting other’s then maybe you should go to church,the temple or mosque and ask God to forgive you for being so judgemental.

Secondly, can you blame anybody for really being gat vol  of the ANC????

I mean open your eyes and look around! What have they done in terms of service delivery in the last 20 something years?  Or even more so and more importantly, to teach and impart knowledge and good ethics to our youth? We are moving backward as a nation.

My family and I would always vote ANC up until recently. Nobody can take away the fact that they have played us all a major roll in the Apartheid Era and for that I am eternally grateful but ultimately God decides all. 

One of Nelson Mandela’s quotes really resonated with me and that’s why I decided that I will not vote ANC any more. I have loads of family and friends who still do and I respect their choice even though I may not agree with it.

I sit back and look at these folk who want to judge and I just think to myself “who gives them the right!” I get so angry because it’s that very quality and state of mind that is causing us as a nation to fail. 

We are quick to judge and run our mouths but won’t do anything constructive to support our sentiments. 

Well here’s my sentiment…

You want to vote for ANC? By all means go for it. Personally, I won’t be  voting for neither them nor the DA but I’m not exactly going to insult those close to me or around me because of their choice. #StayInYourOwnLane #UseYourVoteHowYouWantTo#IgnoranceIsBliss#Don’tJudge #Don’t hate#MindYourOwn#EachToHisOwn

Life is such that we will never always agree on everything and God teaches us that we should respect each other irrespective of our beliefs. Bullying and insulting people in general is just a no-no and more so when you are doing the above because you simply do not agree with their voting choice.

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Share your thoughts.  Is there a reason why people do the above ? 

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Girls rule but men rock! 

The post is dedicated to the very caring, kind and courageous men of Barracuda Road who helped me last night. It is also dedicated to my friends: Trish Kallee and Sherelle Rohan for all of the help, the calmness and reassurance. 

If you’re in the KZN region, many of you would have experienced the horror of driving on the roads yesterday. 

Let’s just say, that many of my colleague’s and I decided to remain at the office until the traffic calmed down coz’ what would generally take us 10 minutes to get onto our respective freeways, now took us hours. I got home just after 8pm.

We were all eventually asked to leave the building and so my friend ( Trish) and I decided we will drive together. Traffic was slow but it was moving.  It was crazy to see how backed up the traffic was but we soldiered on and had a jam session to make the best of that situation. 

I passed home to let my parents know that I’m safe, no surprise that the lights in the area were out.  Driving on, an idiot of a policeman  (hope he gets to read this) literally pushed me off the road and into a ditch. So he was driving up the road and I down, they were busy with road repairs and so the road was narrower than usual, this excuse for a cop kept giving me lights to move out the way so he could pass ( douche’) which I did because I had to get my friend home and it was too late for me to through my general tantrum.

I couldn’t move forward or back,  my phone battery was flat, my dad’s phone was off, my cousin who has a tow truck wasn’t available, my insurance, after 15 minutes of trying for road side assistance, never answer. . . And it was pitch black on the road!!!

A very kind gentlemen was on the road and he tried his best to assist me, if I’m correct his name is Justin ( thank you Justin). 

One of my very good friends was on his way to buy bread and he came to assist as well ( thank you Shane!  you left your umbrella in the car) . Next thing I know his wife , my day 1 (Sherelle) came out, in her pj’s might I add,  with a phone loaded with airtime so that I could make the necessary calls ( thank you so much Sherelle).

Then about 4 or 5 men ( super heros)  left their warm, cosy home’s to assist me in the cold. They literally picked my car up and got it out of that ditch. I was blown away and so in awe…I didn’t know these people ( I’m terrible I know, especially since they stay in the same road as I) yet they put every effort in assisting me. Craig, I hope I got your name right, thank you so much for coming out and helping me. The 3or 4 other uncles,  I appreciate all of the help that you guys offered me. May God bless you all abundantly. 

Experiencing this gave me hope, hope in our society. It reassured me that there are still good people out there. These men are from MY community…God how proud I am to say I’m from Newlands. The policeman, who I thought would have stopped and made sure us ladies were okay, drove off …. that’s a story for another day though because this post is to give thanks to these gents and to share this positive moment. 

We so often are quick to speak about the ills of our communities and I believe it is equally important to speak about the good and positive’s of our community and people as well.

Trish also had an incident on Friday with her tyre and a stranger stopped to help her as well. Big ups to that tow truck driver ( he didn’t even bill her)

Girls rule no doubt, but you men rock! Thank you guys and most importantly thank you to God for keeping his watchful eye over us at all times. 

Hope each and every one of you get to read this. 

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Don’t be a hater!

2016 has been a year of bloodshed and injustices.  

It’s been a year where everything moral has been thrown out the window and where we as human’s have lost our humanity.

It’s a year that has proven that we are becoming more and more programmed; like an experiment that has gone well by the elites; typical puppet on string behaviour.

As a 20 something year old trying to make sense of this thing called life, I often find myself asking myself and others “who gave you the right”?

Who gave us the right to look down on other people? To speak about other folks faults?

Who gave us the right to make performances in shops and speak down to waiters, sales associates or to impatiently hoot behind the new or very old driver of the car with the huge LEARNER sticker sign on? 

Who gave you the right to wake up each morning and complain, to take your job lightly or to make everybody miserable because you have to work on a Sunday?

Why are  our patience limits decreasing. What is going wrong?What are we doing wrong? 

Sisters fight each other over men, purposely breaking homes and speaking filth about each other. 

Modesty in character and dressing seem to be a thing of the past. 

Instead of us as women building nations we break it down with our shade throwing. 

We no longer strive to be the Mother Theresa’s of our nations but rather like the kardashians. We invest money in superficial things and focus less on building up our communities and the less fortunate. 

Brothers are killing their own to “pick up a number” and to “make a name” for themselves. They focus more on what they wear than what their children eat. Invest more in superficial things rather than on theirs or their kids education.

Are we really progressing as a nation? 

Im not gonna call the government out on this one simply because I feel this is a humanity issue. Every day in some part of the world we reading up on or hearing about  folk being murdered in an injust and brutal manner. Folk being killed because of the colour of their skin, job description, religion, gender or race. It’s bogus. It’s evil!


Not quiet sure I’m only but a 20 something year old.

But what I can say is that conformity must fall. I say that we should stop being programmed by the elites of this world and start walking in purpose of what God has created us for. 

We are all human, we all have blood running through our veins. We are all from dust and we are all going to return to just that one day.

It’s about time (to listen to boom shaka yes) and also to set ourselves free. Because being free is a state of mind and for far too long we have been made to think other wise. 

It’s about time we worry less about other people’s imperfections and start focusing on our own. Time to celebrate each others achievements and stop being so conceited making ourselves believe its only about us. It’s time to stop being selfish and start asking ourselves “Who gave you the right” It’s time we humble ourselves and gain our humanity back. 

As I always say, we’ve tried everything else…it now starts with you and I!

Don’t be a hater, change that bulb and let’s spread light and all things good  across this ever so deceiving world.

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