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Beloved damsel

This post is inspired by the recent Bechet School video that is going viral on social media.

Beloved Damsel,

Im not too much older than you are but I’ve been through a fare share of life’s hurdles you can read more here and here . Adolence being one of the them.

Beloved Damsel,

The power you possess is of a magnitude that is beyond the mind, if only you would realise it.

You are more than your “eye brows”, you are more than your will for everything superficial to be “on fleek” it’s time you start getting your character “Lit” and turning up to the reality of your dreams.

Beloved Damsel,

you are more than your body or your hair. You are more than your “haragat” attitude that thinks you’re better than God himself. Im still trying to figure out who gave you the right…

Beloved Damsel,

You are so much more than piling a sister, one of your very own,  in your school toilet over a mere kiss. Is the embarrassment really worth it?  You are more than drugs, every week partying and sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Beloved Damsel,

You have the power to birth nations, to unify and to define respect. You have the power to lay a solid foundation for future generations. To teach and escalate yourselves to the highest levels of success. You have the power to lead.

You NEED to start respecting yourself so others can respect you. We want to see headlines celebrating your success not headlines showing you disrespecting yourself, your school and your colleagues.

You lost your way? Its not too late to get back up. Take your lessons and let them fuel the person you were born to be. I doubt God made you to be selling yourselvses short like this and to be disgracing yourself, family and community.

Dont be a hard rock when you truelly are a gem!! Now Lauryn knew what she was talking about.

Mums and Dads, its time we take back our kids, our community and our God-given right. If you didnt think my previous post was reason for us to start changing and uniting, I hope you get to see that video!

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With Love and much respect. Bless!