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Back to the basics: Self edition

Have you ever looked back at the person you were and wish you could get back to that point?

Do you?

Today I had the privs of catching up with a very good school friend of mine… The Gourmet Bushie himself! and the first thing he asked me was “Is this the same Tasneem that dominated at the International United Nations Debate with me, even if we did place fourth we placed fourth nationally”

I laughed so hard reading this because memories flooded back to our school days.

We were so into debating and we were flippen good at it. So what? You may ask…

Well reading this made me go back to my school days, the days where my inspiration, my vision, my goals, my ambition and will were on steriods. Head girl, debating colours, academic of note, TADA president, travelled around the country for debating and other youth initiatives. The days where I knew what I wanted and I went for it, the days where I didnt settle and the days where I knew those I associated myself with would make it big. And they have! I believed!

Life happens. Love happens. Relationships happen. Break ups happen. Heart ache happens…but those should never dull your sparkle, It dulled mine for a good while but for sometime now I’ve been feeling like my purpose isnt fulfilled; I know I was born to do more and reading this comment from my dearest bud ( Thanks Sherwy)just fueled my mission to gain my sparkle back.

I had a flare for speaking publically and for writing and Im slowly getting back on track.
I am currently apart of the amazing SkillsRUs team as well as the #LetsMeet family. I write for our work Newsletter and have started up TayTells. I am also apart of the amazing Bright Star mentorship programme.

I still want to start up some sought of NGO for communities, be it for food and hygiene for the homeless or some sought of platform to change and inspire mentality. I invision a platform allowing kids to be kids, to be themselves and to encourage against conformity. 

I am on this journey of finding myself again and whilst its daunting, it is the most exhilarating feeling ever.

And so I ask again, have you ever looked back at the person you were and wish you could get back to that point? Get some of those qualities back? What was it that you wanted to do? What changed? What do you want to do now and how are you going to do it? Lets spread some encouragement on this cold winter eve and unleash the warrior in us all.

Inspire us with your story by sharing this post and commenting below.

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June 16th: what does it mean to you?


Having celebrated Youth day yesterday and being back at work today encouraged my thoughts on Youth day and how I feel it should be celebrated.

This year serves as the 40th year since the Soweto Uprising. Thousands of youth marched and protested against the Bantu education Act, where government proposed that all learning material in school be taught in Afrikaans.

#Protesters #1976# GooglePic

The famous Hector Petersen was one of the many that had died whilst protesting and standing up for what they believed in.They used their anger and resentment to fuel change for the better, for all of us.

Hector Petersen killed during the protest

Should this day be used to relive the pain and anger? No!

Should this day be used fight against and resent innocent white folk? No!

Should this day be used to curse against the Afrikaans language? No!


This day and the many others to come should inspire youth to stand up for what they believe in. It should fuel the dreams we have and turn them into reality. The characteristics of courage and unity should be remembered and lived vicariously through each and every one of us.

Youth day has lost its essence…you either get folk who deem it as “just another free day” or those who use it to fester ill feelings against other races. I would love to see Youth day programmes implemented to uplift and motivate our youth of different races, ages, religions and genders.

I would love to see youth of our generation leave a legacy like the youth of 1976 did. Where are our Hector Peterson’s, Mandela’s, Mother Theresa’s of our time?

The saying I personally live by

If you have any thoughts or witnessed programmes that were hosted to inspire the youth yesterday, please comment and tell us about it. Lets spread the positivity.

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Fish inspired!

Last night I saw passion, felt passion and experienced passion at the Capsicum Culinary Studios in Umhlanga, Durban.

I was honoured to have been invited to “Casino Royale”; the banquet of the certificate class in culinary.

Casino Royale
Casino Royale #Table Decor

I dont know what excited me more…the decor that was beyond “on point”, the food that looked like master-chef quality and exploded with flavour in my mouth or witnessing young folk live out their passion like a well-oiled machine?

#Table Setting
#Starter_ Chicken Ravioli, white parmesan sauce and basil garnish
#Main Seared beef on a bed of wild mushroom risotto with a pea and butternut puree
#Dessert a trio of chilli choc truffles, pavlova and creme brulee'

Passion sees no age, race or colour. Everybody from the college management to the Chef lecturers worked with, supported and encouraged these kids. It made me realise that when you do what you love, you really dont “work” another day in your life.




Being amongst all of these wonderful, encouraging and inspiring people, especially their chef; Chef Danielle, was one of the reasons that I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

But the part I valued the most, was watching my baby brother, “Fish” (his chef nick name and dont ask me why lol) cook in that kitchen. It made me so proud as his older sister because I could see and I felt that he was “home”.


This was so emotional for me because there was a time I worried for my baby brother. Repeating each grade in high school twice sometimes 3 times,not being able to motivate him and there always being a problem at school, we really didnt know what more to do.

Today he stands as a well-known, top achieving student who is known and loved by all of his Chef lecturers and fellow classmates. Eager to start to his industry at the renowned Beverley Hills Hotel in just a week, I know he is going to do wonderfully.


To Capsicum, their lecturers, management and students; thank you for actively playing a part in changing my lil bros life for the better.

Chef Danielle has become a household name, because thats all we hear at home. She has insipired and encouraged my brother in ways I sometimes cant
Comprehend. His whole outlook on the world and attitude towards hard work has changed. Thank you Chef D.

To his classmates, a super super well done. You guys didnt just ” do it” your’ll did it waaaay over. Wishing you all everything of the best!

#DemGirlz...and Fish n Sandile




Boytjie, touch the world with your natural skill and passion. I will always be routing for you.

With love,

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Beloved damsel

This post is inspired by the recent Bechet School video that is going viral on social media.

Beloved Damsel,

Im not too much older than you are but I’ve been through a fare share of life’s hurdles you can read more here and here . Adolence being one of the them.

Beloved Damsel,

The power you possess is of a magnitude that is beyond the mind, if only you would realise it.

You are more than your “eye brows”, you are more than your will for everything superficial to be “on fleek” it’s time you start getting your character “Lit” and turning up to the reality of your dreams.

Beloved Damsel,

you are more than your body or your hair. You are more than your “haragat” attitude that thinks you’re better than God himself. Im still trying to figure out who gave you the right…

Beloved Damsel,

You are so much more than piling a sister, one of your very own,  in your school toilet over a mere kiss. Is the embarrassment really worth it?  You are more than drugs, every week partying and sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Beloved Damsel,

You have the power to birth nations, to unify and to define respect. You have the power to lay a solid foundation for future generations. To teach and escalate yourselves to the highest levels of success. You have the power to lead.

You NEED to start respecting yourself so others can respect you. We want to see headlines celebrating your success not headlines showing you disrespecting yourself, your school and your colleagues.

You lost your way? Its not too late to get back up. Take your lessons and let them fuel the person you were born to be. I doubt God made you to be selling yourselvses short like this and to be disgracing yourself, family and community.

Dont be a hard rock when you truelly are a gem!! Now Lauryn knew what she was talking about.

Mums and Dads, its time we take back our kids, our community and our God-given right. If you didnt think my previous post was reason for us to start changing and uniting, I hope you get to see that video!

Courtesy of google

With Love and much respect. Bless!


The 411 on Ramadaan

* Ramadaan is the month in which versuses of the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him).

* It is the nineth month of the Islamic calender.

* It includes one of the most powerful auspicious nights; the actual night the Quran was revealed. This occurs on one of the odd nights in the last 10 days.

* Muslims are ordered to obstain from food, drink and other wordly pleasures from dusk till dawn. This is with the intention of focusing on prayer, spirituality and chatity. We all come down to one level and feel what it is to go without food for the day, irrespective of how much wealth you have.

* Gossiping, anger and other impurities are to be obstained from aswell.

* The exact start date of Ramadaan is dependant on the sighting of the new moon.

* Islam functions on the lunar calender which is different to the Gregorian calender. Whilst our auspicious days remain the same on the islamic calender, they change,generally 10-11 days earlier, on the gregorian calender each year.

* Charity plays a huge role during this month also, muslims have to pay Zakah through out the year, this is obligatory charity. During ramadaan, many also give beyond that which is known as Sadaqah: voluntary givings. Any good deed you do during this month is said to be rewarded with a greater blessing.

* Ramadaan forms part of the 5 pillars of Islam.

* It ends with a celebration called Eid-Ul- Fitr

If you, muslim or non muslim, want to wish someone a blessed ramadaan, you can say Ramadaan Mubarak.

To all of muslim family, friends and readers, I wish you a prosperous Ramadaan. May all of our efforts be accepted and rewarded by the almighty Allah SWT and may changes made in this month be permanent in sha allah (God Willingly)

Want to know more? Pop your question in the comments below or join me in wishing our fellow bloggers and friends n family a prosperous Ramadaan.

Ramadaan Mubarak
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Help and be helped

It feels like just the other day that I wrote this. Its now 4 months that im apart of the Bright Stars mentorship programme and it has been nothing less than life changing.

I was a little sceptical in the begining; having been given a 12 year old, I often questioned if I’ll be skilled enough. I mean I barely can make sense of whats going on in my life lol.

It is amazing how just showing up, every week for as little as an hour can change you and the life of another human being!

We draw, write, read, colour talk about music, have picnics, play games etc.

My mentee is an absolute star. She is a bright little 12 year old that loves reading, and loves Maths and Life skills. Her ambition in life is to become a social worker. When asked why that, she says: ” to help children like me”. I was in awe.

I went into this initiative with the intention of helping….but she’s helped me in ways I cant even begin to explain. I am adored and loved unconditionally. What more could any human being possibly ask for?

My Birthday Gift

These little gestures; this was by birthday present: a Card, a gift she had received from her previous bday and an award ahe received last year…all she had but she gave it to me.❤

My "Mothers day" card

I told her about some of the hardships I’ve been through; the loss of my son a few years ago. She cried and opened up about some of her tough times. And on mothers day, this was my card.

A random card

I love writing and so we’ve kinda got into the habit of writing each other letters or cards from time to time.

My get-well-soon card

I was hospitalised for about 3 weeks in April and couldnt make my weekly visits with her. She sent this with one of my fellow mentors.

A random thank you

Some time back she was having an issue with her Maths, we worked on it and she’s doing alot better now. We read almost every week and she loves it. I started taking my nieces with me coz i believe they must grow up with the mentality of sharing. With a willness to help and be helped. They enjoy her company and she adores them. We even went for a picnic on the beach.

Busy with our sand castle
The final product. Such fun

In trying to teach her that she can be anything she wants to be, it has ignited a spark in me that has been dormant for way too long. A spark that doesnt know mediocre. I have the urge and will to make a difference, one act of kindness at a time. One person at a time…Change starts with Me.

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Coloureds: A cursed nation?

I sit and write this with a heavy heart. For the 1st time in a very long time im at the brink of hopelessness. Not feeling too proud of being coloured and thats purely ‘coz of the injustices that are constantly forced upon us.

In the apartheid regime, we werent white enough and today, we arent black enough. Its almost as if we are blamed for the previous white leaders having affairs with their domestics. How evil! How unjust. How cruel.

Coloured youngsters are RIPing every single week and are being killed by our very own, sometimes from the very next road and brutally might I add. Families cant grieve or mourn in peace because we now live in fear of the opposition gangs petrol bombing or starting a shooting frenzy. Religious buildings under attack. Its ludacrous.


We’ve now started fighting each other for terrortory. For a “name” ‘coz thats all we have left to fight for.

BEE only gives us a mere 8.8% in the employment sector. And all community upliftments are done in “other” areas and we kinda get the “left overs” or the “lets just do it to say we did it”. Has the pity made things worse?

How do we change this? How do we rewire ALL these years of injustices that have forced our youngsters to settle as drug lords, that have forced them to join gangs just to be protected. Just to be able to put a plate of food on the table? Can these questions be answered?

Im no expert. So I dont even know if its possible. What I do know is that we can rewire our own mentality. Coloured women, liberate yourselves and conform not to what society labels us as; the village bicycle who has no ambition. The raw, uncooth chick who is bound to have 5 kids from different men at the age of 15.

Coloured women, lets be grateful for the oppotunities God has blessed us with and lets start making an effort to include Him more in our lives. Lets start tolerating each other. Being patient. Being more supportive to ourselves, family, friends and community. Lets start practicing kindness and love. We are the leaders of the nation and once we ge this right, our kids and future kids will have this mentality. We are their first teachers. You are unique and you are beautifully courageous my coloured sister.

Coloured men, do right by your women, lead you and your family to the path of God. So,”they” give you the less glamourous jobs that make it difficult to provide for your family? Instead of asking “why me?” Lets start asking “why not me?” God really gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.

Lets change the perception of coloured men in our communities; the label that suggests our men are violent and are only good to drink and jol. The label that says our men are useless. You are loved. You are strong and I Salute you my coloured brother.


We can do this by just working on ourselves and our mindsets. Time is running out. We are living in a war zone and the devil is at work. He’s probably rejoicing at the progress he’s made ‘coz we are conforming to what he wants us to conform to; heartless folk only after drugs, money and fame with no humanity or God left in us.

The battle isnt over. We have to level out these playing fields and it starts with you and I. Today!

May all the souls lost through these gang wars RIP. And may strength and comfort be bestowed amongst their families.

Our challenge

WE ARE NOT A CURSED NATION. Share your thoughts or words of encouragement below and please share so we can get this to as many folk as we possibly can.