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The begining…

I know I havent posted much of late. Theres been so much going on.

Trying to get my life in order literally! With some new projects I’ve taken on, being alil more organised is imperative.

And so I’ve decided to join my dearest @Jannesqua in making our own planners. Yeap. With everything colourful and inspiring to us; quotes,pics and colours. I’ll def post a DIY of it.


This is to just help me plan and track ideas. Currrently I dont plan my posts, they’re inspired “on-the-spot”. I also draft my ideas on paper, old-fashioned lol. However trying to remember ideas for 4 different projects is almost impossible (2 facebook pages, work newsletter AND my bloggy).

Getting an organiser can help you manage your time and can def help you be more prepared be it for work, home, socials etc. If you’re more techno savvy than I am, create one on your desktop/laptop/tablet or phone.

Why not have an organiser that will inspire and encourage you to use it? Cant wait to show you the outcome of our DIY organisers

If you have ideas on how to be more organised,share it with us by comment below. 2016 is going to be our year!

Hope you all are well and blessed. Keep smiling. Lets get ready to leave our Mark! This is just the begining.


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