A birthday tribute to my son.


3years ago on this day…I was in labour and i didnt even know. Lol. I remember talking to you and telling you that we’re going to be ok. You used to react to my voice…The bond between a mother and child is nothing short of a miracle indeed.

It so happened that I had experienced the worst day of my life aswell. The most traumatic if anything and whilst I will never understand… I trust it all happened for a reason. I still have the dress I lost you in and the facecloth that your aunty used to wipe you down. I have your baby book and your pictures.

You would have been 3… I can only but imagine how excited you would have been waking up coz you’d know how big a deal I would have made today.Birthdays are my thing.

Im sorry that I couldnt do anymore to help you live and I hope you didnt endure too much of suffering. 💔

Thank you Mikail for changing me. For allowing me to carry you for those 6 and a half months. They were the most fulfilling 6 months of my life. Thank you for giving me strength and turning me into the woman I needed to be. Thank you for restoring my faith and making Allah my #1. I am foreverly grateful.

May the all the angels, your uncle Kashif, great grans and grandada sing for my angel today. Ma’s gonna wake up soon and sing for her grandson like she does every year. Its not an easy morning. But know that I anticipate the day I see you again.May the Almighty keep you safe and sound until then.

I love you. I miss you. Happy birthday boytjie.💋

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