March 13th

This time of year I always get anxious. My heavenly angel would have been 3. I often wonder what I would be doing if he were to live, how he would have looked, what his little character would be like, what his favourite food or pjs would have been.

I sit and wonder what I would be getting him for his birthday, what colour his hair would be and whether he’d be a loud mouth like his mother or a softy like his aunt.

I wonder what stories he’d tell or what would make him laugh. Would he love food and enjoy football. How would he be in school or how he would lookwhen his asleep.

They say losing a child is never easy. And they are right. They say time heals all wounds…Im not sure how true that is but I guess with time one gets used to the pain and the void.

Through it all though, I wouldnt trade carrying my boy for those 6 and a half months. He didnt get to leave a physical footprint on this earth, but he has left an everlasting one in my heart.

Its weird how he encourages and pushes me everyday. He makes me want to be better even though he isnt with me. He has changed me and has turned me into the woman I am supposed to be.

So my little sweet heart, Know that with just 4 days left for your 3rd birthday…I may not beable to spoil you in the flesh…but i am thinking of how I would have made your day nearly as special as you are.

To all the ladies who have carried and have lost their kids. Or have lost a kid on the whole. My prayers go up for you. And BIG UPS to you. You are the epitome of strength.Each year we will be reminded in more than one way of our angels…but know that God has a reason for everything and It will get easier. We just have to trust and believe even when trusting and believing seems like the hardest thing to do.

Share your story in the comments below if you will ❤or pass on and let every mum who has lost a child know that we are thinking of them today.

Strongs. Love.Peace and happiness


Mikail Kashief


Posted from Just an ordinary girl

4 thoughts on “March 13th”

  1. We lost our baby 3 years ago today. 13 special weeks. I’ve thought today how different life would have been having him running around and taking to me and imagined his character growing. I havent known how to express it or remember Samuel and here you are articulating it peacefully for me. THANK YOU


    1. Im so happy that you can relate to this post. May God be your strength this year and the many years to come for i know that as a mum its something we will never forget. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post. Im honoured to have helped you in my small little way. Blessings to you and baby Samuel Xxxx

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  2. Mxm today I wake up and have nothing to complain about because I see a strong women named tasneem, who smiles beyond the tears, who lives beyond the pain. She’s tough ambitious and knows exactly what’s she wants. She does not require validation from anyone she stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away she adjusted her sails. Thank you for being you, I love you to bits.


    1. I woke up today saying that im going to smile even more because i am so blessed. But now you want to make me cry lol. This message means so much. Thank you my Lucy Lu for always being in my corner even when I can be full of nonsense. Its people like you who make people like me want to live even after such experiences. Love you all around the world and back


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