🎶🎶🎸🎤🎼Reeemmixxx: Chris Brown 🎶🎺🎼🎤

Chris Brown is pushing boundaries and we love it. Word out is that theres gonna be 2-3 remixes of Sex you back to sleep *Yaynesss* Hmmmmm could this be THE RnB song of 2016? I think that’s what Breezy is aiming for and I think he is quite capable of achieving it. He IS Chris Brown after all!

Bryson Tiller, August Alsina, Trey Songs, Usher, Zayne Malik *Gooodness* are some of the artists Breezy has enlisted to do remixes…lol one of the reasons I ❤ Christopher…so much of awesomeness, Sexy and Talent for one song!

I have one of the remixes, featuring Usher and Zayne….HELLO!!!

I think its FIRE! Usher’s demeanor,Chris’s voice, Zayne’s looks#Lit💣
let me know what you think! I simply cannot wait for the Bryson Tiller remix ❤

Check it outtttt.


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